5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

http://hometips.gregvan.com/bathrooms.htm If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom, I strongly suggest that you watch this video to learn a little bit …


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  1. Thank You 🙂 Great Tips.

  2. @elcangrejitoloco You are Welcome.

  3. One great way to remove the old tub drain to replace with a new drain is to
    use a new tool which I’ve used called the ezxtractor. The tool removes old
    tube drains easily even if the crosshairs are broken or missing. Makes a
    difficult task easy..

  4. KitchenRemodelingMD

    These are pretty good tips for making sure you can remodel your bathroom
    artfully, inexpensively, and without the hilarious tragedy of spraying
    water everywhere.

  5. @KitchenRemodelingMD You’re right on there.

  6. @plumbbob46 Interesting, I hope you made a few videos, to show how it
    works. Send me a link to the video and I will approve it, if you made one.
    Anyway thanks for the information.

  7. TIP # 2

  8. @chadsmullinary Tip number two?

  9. thanks for the great video & tips

  10. I watched and your correct a plan is somewhat important in avoiding
    problems. At least measure and get an idea of how it comes apart and goes
    back together. And I think, cause I did a bathroom in my house, is that if
    someone is thinking of doing a remodel themself, you got to have the tools
    for the job. I helped a friend remodel a house and used screws to fasten
    studs. I later got a nail gun for myself, and if we would have had the NG,
    the work would have gone much quicker.

  11. I’m amazed at how many people never even think about creating a plan or
    even taking pictures of the entire demolition process and simply remove
    everything. Then they start scratching their heads wondering how in the
    heck all of this is going to go back together.

  12. sacramentoapartments

    The most frustrating thing about remodeling a bathroom is the cost of the
    shower/tub surround. They are all surprisingly expensive.

  13. They could be expensive, but it’s about the cheapest way I can possibly
    imagine to cover the bathtub or shower surround area. However, I’m not
    entirely convinced these things are worth the money you pay for them,
    because they don’t seem to last as long as tile. It’s one of those things
    where you save a little money today, but end up spending double in the

  14. HomeImprovementGirls

    Thanks Greg, there’s some great tips here that anyone from beginners to
    veterans can implement.

  15. It’s always nice to hear positive responses, even though the videos I
    consider to be the most important, aren’t always watched. Anyway, I’m glad
    to share my knowledge with everyone.

  16. Thanks a ton for this helpful video. I guess it is going to be beneficial
    for those who are looking for creative tips on bathroom remodeling. I
    genuinely appreciate the way you have explained issues like plumbing
    change, bathroom designs, water based paints etc. What you have said on
    bathtub, sinks and toilet is truly commendable. However I personally feel a
    little discussion on budget would have been more useful.

  17. Thanks for your positive comment and I will see what I can do about
    producing another video on bathroom remodeling budgets. This does seem to
    be a big problem and I’m glad you brought it up.

  18. Thanks for the info..very helpful!

  19. You’re welcome and thanks for watching.

  20. 96 pro contractors

    #bathroomremodeling #queensny 

  21. Dmitriy Guzheyedov

    In here mine tips. Number One is- Make sure you have done yours part of
    home work. Meaning, you are ready to say what you want. Yours vision, a
    style, a color, a functionality (becaus of electrical wiring).. Number two-
    the yours budget. Is that 3 or 23 K. Number three- what part of work going
    to be splited beetvin trades. It’s also important. May be you are plumber,
    a carpenter or painter. Number four- get a paper work. An astimation, a
    contract on a paper. Track the work flow.

  22. Dmitriy Guzheyedov

    Number five- don’t stay behind them. Let people work. Number six- dont
    worry about a celing. I don’t supporting Greg. It’s up to you. It’s depends
    on yours life style. More steam or less… semi gloss or higloss paint it
    was back in 2000, but ain’t now. We are had changed. We have better
    ventilation, we have better lighting fixtures and better paint. I live in
    NY. And I doing home remodeling and renovations for living. Visit me at
    hometechforyou dotcom

  23. Great tips for all bathroom remodelers. Make it a DIY project.

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