5 Effective Home Remedies For Urinary Pet Problems

Urinary pet problems can be painful for your pet and expensive for you to treat. That’s why it really pays off to seek home treatment. However, before trying to concoct a home remedy for your pet, remember that if your pet is urinating blood or showing other incredibly worrisome symptoms, you need to take him to the vet and not experiment with home remedies for urinary pet problems.

Home remedies can be very effective if your pet is only showing symptoms of a mild infection such as foul-smelling urine or more frequent urination. Here are 5 home remedies you should give a try the next time it seems like your dog is having urinary problems. Better yet, home remedies for urinary pet problems can be used daily for optimal preventive measure.

1. Vitamin C is a miracle vitamin. It strengthens the immune system thus prevents and fights infection. It also helps to acidify the urine and prevents bacteria from adhering to the bladder lining.

Sprinkle some Vitamin C powder or crushed Vitamin C pills in your pet’s food. Consult your veterinarian to figure out how many milligrams are appropriate for your pet’s size. Too much Vitamin C can cause diarrhea.

2. Cranberry juice is one of the best home remedies for urinary pet problems. Humans with urinary problems love it too. Remember to get 100%, all natural cranberry juice. You may have to go to a health food store to find it. Most of the cranberry juice at the supermarket is laden with sugar and preservatives.

3. Other home remedies for urinary pet problems include the simplest of all liquids: water. Sufficient water intake prevents your pet’s urine from thickening and flushes out harmful bacteria from your pet’s urinary tract.

Avoid tap water because it contains harmful toxins and bacteria that can actually make your pet’s condition worse. Filtered water is best and also much more affordable than bottled water.

4. You may have heard that raw food diets are very helpful for curing a variety of illnesses. The same goes for urinary problems in pets. Home remedies for urinary pet problems often revolve around diet since a bad diet is one of the primary causes of urinary issues. Avoid commercial pet food. Instead, give your dog raw, unprocessed foods.

Raw meat is very good. Or if you eat a whole foods diet, set some of your food aside for your pet to eat. A book about pet nutrition is very helpful to ensure that you are feeding your pet enough of the nutrients he needs to thrive. Vegetarian diets for pets are not advisable although there are people out there who swear by them. Be sure that your pet is getting the nutritional balance that they need.

5. Homeopathic remedies for urinary issues in pets are a godsend. They work quickly and they can be effective in preventing urinary problems altogether. Give your pet a small dose of a homeopathic remedy twice daily, follow the other tips outlined here, and voila, you will have an infection-free pet! They work by helping the body maintain a PH level in the urine that helps to fight infection.

Don’t try to craft your own homeopathic remedy however. For optimal results, purchase a commercial homeopathic remedy that contains well-known urinary tonics like cantharis and uva ursi. Also make sure the remedy was manufactured in a registered facility to ensure optimal quality.

These home remedies for urinary pet problems are bound to get rid of your pet’s discomforts. They will strengthen bladder lining, improve urine flow, and keep that whole area functioning optimally! Don’t wait till there is a problem to do something.

Try to make these home remedies a part of your dog or cats daily lifestyle. That way you can keep your pet healthy and vibrant for years to come without needing to seek medical treatment for urinary issues. You will save yourself a lot of money and your dog or cat a lot of trouble.

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