99 Honda Civic EX Coupe Novice Remodel Video 1

Try not to be nasty in the comments. I bought this car several years ago for 1200 dollars and only planned to keep it a short time. After buying my 350Z, I r…


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Updated: December 15, 2013 — 5:43 pm


  1. Update us! I’m in the process of customizing my 02 NGV. Love to see where
    you are at with this. Thanks!

  2. Sorry about taking so long to post a new video. Had a bit of an issue with
    another car that had to be fixed and now I am back at it. I should have
    something up soon.

  3. Hell yeah, I just bought an 96 civic DX and I just pulled every thing out
    but the carpet and drivers seat oh yeah the dash too. I was thinking about
    painting the carpet, panels, center console and seats to save some money. I
    will share when I get a damn camera that works!

  4. so what brand and kind of paint did you use for every thing? I have the
    dupli*color vinyl & fabric spray can. haven’t used it yet so reply soon
    please. thanks.

  5. How is the road noise after all of this?…is it quieter scale 1-10

  6. That’s actually what I used. The only thing I didn’t like was that it
    looked grainy at first. I guess it took some curing time. Now it looks much
    better. It looks factory. You have to layer it on until the original color
    is gone. I put one more coat over the top of that.

  7. I started this project after switching to coilovers. The vibration sucks
    with coilovers, almost no matter what you do. I just bought some lowering
    springs and 4 way shocks to put in the place of the coilovers. As far as
    the sound, goes, the foam fixed virtually all of the buzzing from the
    stereo. Everywhere where there were no moving parts, and after blocking off
    all the moving parts in the doors and trunk, I injected the insulation foam
    and there is almost no noise now from the outside.

  8. The road noise wasn’t bad until I coiled the suspension. After the peel n
    seal it blocked damn near all of the noise from the road. The foam helped
    out quite a bit. It sounds way better than it did originally though.

  9. Spend a little for the carpet. That material spray paint by duplicolor is
    only good for vinyls. If it is temporary then have at it. The interior is
    so easy to take out that you can spraypaint the whole inside in one day.
    Make sure you strip the plastic, tac cloth and use a plastic primer and use
    satin spray paint or the paint will come out shinier than you probably want.

  10. I am living in two places right now. I am an instructor at the U.S. Army
    Air Defense Academy. I live in one place and work in another. I am going
    apeshit trying to get that car to where I am now so I can finish it. I will
    get on it as soon as possible and shoot another video.

  11. Where did you buy your new panels?

  12. I bought the front panels on autopartswarehouse online. Everything else had
    to be done by hand.

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