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Hi, my name’s Geoff Bream. This is about me, working for myself and how it came about that I’m smiling out at you from this web page.

I’ve had a pretty diverse career. Advertising, college professor, publishing, writer, real estate agent and, for a decade or so, full time licensed residential remodeler. I loved transforming houses … the smells, the sounds and the challenges.

I started by working on one home at a time, then eventually began working on multiple projects and hiring more workers. A little risky, perhaps, but during the early part of the 21st century the housing market was absolutely great.

In the Summer of 2007, however, I could see the markets crumbling about me and in a short time I was robbing my investment accounts and credit cards to stay above water. Within a year, my finances and everything else, including a 15 year marriage, was completely gone. I was 62, single and flat broke! What I DID have was a computer and faith that somehow God would be with me through this. It was now about me and basic survival.


I desperately needed to make a living, and find something that could provide some sort of retirement!

Look at these smiley faced come-ons! Could any of these actually care about me? Well, after a year of wasting what little money I could scrape together, I can tell you the answer is NO!!! Absolutely ALL of the cyber promises telling me I could work in my jammies andmake money with little to no work were SCAMS!!

Once, I emailed “Customer Service” before signing on to one and was reassured in writing that my $149.95 was COMPLETELY refundable. Of course I never saw one thin dime. You mean theydon’t care about me?

They use eBay, Amazon, Google (Google’s a big one), bank logos, “As Seen on TV” and anything else that will put you off-guard. But, “isn’t it illegal to fool people into thinking you’re honest when you’re really a lowlife, piece of dog-mess trying to rip us off?”

It certainly should be. But I guess its not. But, you say, “isn’t it illegal to trick people with logos that look like the original?” It must not be, either. It IS illegal to scam you, but they have to catch them first. And, that’s nearly impossible.

“They are ALL OVER the Internet. [People who are] hell-bent on selling you as much garbage as your bank account can stand to pay for.”
Chris Malta
Worldwide Brands


Well, that certainly was my question!

So, late one night I stumbled onto something that was different. And here’s where I finally get around to how I got here, smiling out at you from a web page. I developed this entire website myself. I build the pages, write the content and create all the links. What makes this amazing is that just a while ago, I didn’t even know how to send an email with an attachment!

Now I share what I’ve learned from the remodeling business with the world! Even if you’re as “internet ignorant” as I was, you too could share a hobby or your knowledge of something with a real internet business thatyou develop. I now have several thousand visitors every month and that number continues to rise (along with my attitude ;-). Actually, if you haven’t guessed, now I’m really excited about me and my future!

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