Achieve Your Goals Using Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis can be a great tool for helping you to set and attain goals and for self improvement. Most people are very surprised when they find out how easy it is to learn self hypnosis. Once you learn the techniques and implement them in your life self hypnosis can make a lot of things in your life much easier.

Often, when we think of Self hypnosis, we imagine a person listening to an audio tape intended to bring about an inclination to absorb suggestions that are centered around a specific topic such as losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.

It is unfortunate that this type of hypnosis program is generally created by someone who has never met the person using the hypnosis technique. Often the technique presents unwanted or even unpleasant suggestions and imagery. For example, if you have a fear of water, the last thing you may want to hear or imagine is a situation where you are in a boat. Or if you have a fear of flying you may not find imagery of floating through the clouds as pleasant.

So how can you incorporate self improvement goals into your own hypnosis technique? To be able to stimulate self improvement in your own personal life there are specific facets within your own personality that need to be dealt with. With the use of self hypnosis the negative aspects that serve as obstacles to self improvement can be eliminated. A truly worthwhile and effective self hypnosis program must be created and designed by the actual person who will use the technique in order for that person to benefit the most from following it.

Unlike the self hypnosis programs that are mass produced, this type of hypnosis is geared toward the actual person who is using it. It can be designed by the person to suit his or her own personal requirements. The benefits obtained through self hypnosis can only be obtained through the use of a personal, one of a kind tailor made hypnosis technique. Self hypnosis truly means that you are hypnotized by yourself and there is no one who is better suited than you to create your self hypnosis excerises.

Choose loose, comfortable clothing, This will help out quite a bit since tight fitting clothing has a tendency to make you feel tense.

The place you where you practice your self hypnosis sessions should have a soothing and calm atmosphere. It may be in your den, or bedroom, or any place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Arrange the place so that it is the most soothing to your senses.

Before you begin your self hypnotic exercises you should make a time schedule for it. Try to stick to your schedule and soon you will get into the habit of doing it and it will come natural to you. Practice your self hypnosis sessions every day, if at all possible. make it an important part of your daily life. Don’t try to overdo it, five minutes a day is enough. Repeat your suggestions to yourself as often as possible throughout each day.

Silence can be helpful for most people to relax, so you may want to choose a quiet, private area far away from the ringing of the phone and outside traffic noises. Many people use a fan to drown out the sounds that could disturb concentration. Pleasant scents can also help a person to relax, so using aromatic candles or incense can also be a good idea.

Here is a basic view of the process of self hypnosis. There are many different approaches to self hypnosis, but the fundamental principles remain the same. Keep in mind that these are the basic steps you will need to go through in order to achieve self hypnosis and to accomplish desired self improvement.

1. List and arrange your goals from the most important goal to the less important. If at all possible, your goals should be measurable. Set clearly defined short and long term goals so you will be able to measure your progress and achieve personal satisfaction once you have successfully obtained your goals. Your self confidence will also improve as you become more attuned to your capabilities as you complete or achieve your goals.

2. For each specific goal, you should define appropriate suggestions on how to achieve each goal. You will need to convert your goals to specific instructions to your subconscious mind.

3. Use the first few minutes of your self hypnotic session to get as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Try to clear your mind from all of your concerns and problems.

4. Begin your hypnotic phase by repeating aloud the hypnotic words or phrases that you have chosen in step 2. Think of these words or listen to a hypnotic recording customized for your own personal hypnotic and goal fulfillment needs.

It is recommended that you keep a journal to help you to measure your progress. From time to time you may look over your journal entries and ask yourself, “Am I closer to my goal now than before I started?” If you answer “yes”, then congratulations are in order. If your answer is “No”, you may need to rethink and reorganize your method. The important thing is not to become discouraged. Self hypnosis can truly be an effective way to achieve self improvement.


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