Acne Home Remedy for Smoother Skin

Home Remedies for Acne
(acne vulgaris)
Causes of acne;
Acne is caused by bacteria on the skin that becomes trapped in the pores, and certain foods will contribute to acne outbreaks. Most teens go through a phase of acne break outs due to puberty. Acne can be embarrassing especially for teens and anyone who has an extreme period of breakouts not to mention the scaring severe acne could leave behind.

Many over the counter acne medications are available, and many are simple too strong causing severe drying to the skin.
With a few simple dietary changes and an acne home remedy treatments you can have your acne under control in no time.
These at home acne remedies work great for adult acne or teens. This is the best at home acne treatment.

Change your diet; skip all of the food with high fat and oils. Eating chocolate causes acne is merely a myth basic an old wives tale. Chocolate is actually god for the complexion and keeps skin looking younger, and always in moderation no over indulgence.

Next use a good liquid antibacterial soap, and wash twice a day morning and evening.
Use fresh lemon and apply with a Q-tip to acne pimples. The citric acid in the lemon will help dry up the pimple naturally.

Aloe vera is great for acne and to help with irritation of the skin, you can apply aloe vera sparingly to your skin.

You need a good facial scrub, which you make at home.
Use ½ oatmeal
¼ of milk
Mix to consistency of a paste and gently scrub you face in between washings for the first week use this paste once a day and second week as your acne begins to clear use twice a week.
This scrub is perfect for sensitive skin.

For a quick fix add a bit of fresh lemon juice to your liquid antibacterial soap for an extra boost. You will see your acne improve with this at home acne home remedy.

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