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The average cost for an attic remodel is approximately Remodeling Project Cost AFCI Unit Cost # of AFCI Units Total AFCI Cost Basement $59,435 $35.00 2 $70 Home Office $27,193 $35.00 2 $70 Attic Bedroom $46,691 $35.00 2 $70 Family Room

Minor Kitchen Remodel: Average cost $19,366.00, with Anchorage modification cost is $23,239.00 . In a functional but dated 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 LF of cabinetry and

The minor kitchen remodel had a 92.9 percent national average return in investment. Remodeling Projects: Cost vs. Value cost was $9,273, with an estimated resale value of The basement remodel had a 76.1 percent national average return on investment.

Average Basement Remodel Cost What Our Service Pros Have to Say We surveyed the Basement Remodeling Pros in our network about remodeling a 800 sq foot basement with an array of possible features. The project ranged from low-end to high-end materials.

W much of the cost of a remodeling project can be recovered A kitchen remodel often Basement Remodel : 76.1% Job Cost$47,888 Resale Value$36,457 . Create a 20-by-30 foot entertaining area with wet bar, a 5-by-8 foot full

Page 2 Remodel Bigger Isn't Always Better If you focus on an upscale project with high-end materials or a more budget-conscious approach, the initial cost of the job and the cost recouped at sale will vary accordingly.

A mid-range kitchen remodel brings an average 72.1 percent return The average cost of fiber-cement siding is more than Freshen up the basement. "If home owners have cement block or poured concrete walls in the basement,

Residential Construction & Home Remodeling Cost Estimates The estimates reflected in this guide are based upon national average prices for building materials and installation labor in North America.

This report compares the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale. Basement Remodel Bathroom Addition Bathroom Remodel Deck Addition (wood) Deck Addition (composite) Entry Door Replacement (steel)

Percent cost recouped (national average) P. 3 Major kitchen remodel midrange 79.4% upscale 80.3% P. 4 Master suite addition midrange 80.1% Basement remodel Job cost: $47,888 Resale value: $36,457 (national average) Create a 20-by-30-foot entertaining area with

Estimated Costs of Maintenance, Repair and Remodeling for the Wisconsin Barn Preservation Initiative* While no information can replace an on-site inspection and detailed cost estimate, this document provides a

REMODEL Thinking of making improvements to your home? You aren’t alone; National Average Cost: $11,475 ROI: 78.2% BASEMENT REMODEL Use your resources! The walls, floors and ceiling are all in place, this lowers the costs per square foot.

Kitsap County Department of Community Development Phone: (360) Adding insulation and sheetrock for change of use from unfinished basement to finished basement**. Lender information required if construction financing cost exceeds $5,000.

R EMODELING mag azineÕs 19th annual Cost vs. Value ReportÑthe eighth prepared in cooper- Attic Bedroom Remodel Basement Remodel Bathroom Addition Bathroom Remodel Deck Addition custom flashing at tw o average-sized sk ylights; and custom cap treat-

A Cost Analysis of Book Storage Options at the National Library multi-use building's basement. The cost estimates are derived from though there are significant differences in the costs per square foot to build or remodel, the average cost per circulation is very similar over most of

Realtors® Help Consumers Remodel With An Eye Toward Resale Washington, December 21, 2005 cost on a national average for this project is $10,499, basement projects return only 85 and 73 percent,

W much of the cost of a remodeling project can be recovered A kitchen remodel often Basement Remodel : 76.1% Job Cost$47,888 Resale Value$36,457 . Create a 20-by-30 foot entertaining area with wet bar, a 5-by-8 foot full

Fairbanks Federal Tax ID: Project Type: Remodel, Reconstruction and Upgrades Fairbanks – City Hall Window Upgrade State Funding Requested: $475,000 House District: Fairbanks Based on previous known costs adjusted for inflation, we anticipate an average cost per window unit of $7,500.

Shows how much an average project would cost, it also shows how much resale value would be in that project. For Below is an example of the basement remodel project that is listed in the above list. As you

Basement Questions Announcement DO NOT REPLY. Project Average job cost Return on Investment Basement Remodel $63,378.00 66.80% Bathroom Addition $40,096.00 51.00% Backup Power Generator $14,760.00 47.50% Bathroom Remodel $16,552.00 62.20%

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