Basement Ceiling Remodeling Ideas

Those of you who are lucky enough to have basements would know the wonders you can do with it. Instead of stacking up unnecessary things in there, you can easily convert it into an additional room for guests or where you unwind, a den, a gym, a bar, or a recreation room. Whatever the purpose of the room, you want to ensure that it is welcoming, which is when you should focus on its design. Now, design does not always involve large-scale, unaffordable changes. It can be introduced even by making the smallest changes. For instance, by remodeling your basement ceiling, you can breathe a whole new life into your basement, and make it the spot where you head off to relax. We give you some simple ideas on transforming the ceiling of your basement, so that you can implement them and make your little getaway as cozy and relaxing as possible.

Some Simple and Great Ideas

Remodeling a basement ceiling largely depends on the total height available in the room. If it is up to 8 feet or lesser, then it is suggested that no additions should be made to it as it will simply make the room smaller and uncomfortable for taller people. However, it does not mean that lower ceilings cannot be remodeled to look beautiful, elegant, or funky. Here are some ideas you can use.

Paint It

Now if you think that just painting the ceiling a plain color is your only option, you are mistaken. With the number of varieties, textures, and finishes, there is so much you can do with paint. Choose a light color with a dark texture for effect, and allow the walls of the room to remain white. The ceiling will beautifully stand out when you place on it some gorgeous light fixtures such as hanging lamps. Ideal for a basement converted into a recreation room, or a basic den, there is more you can do with paint. Try using some stencils by which you can create wonderful designs on the ceiling, such as floral patterns or abstract shapes. You can even use a sponge to simply create texture on the ceiling. This type of painting can be done on a ceiling that has been finished with drywall. Remember to check for leaks and ensure that the ceiling is absolutely dry before you begin painting on it.

Go For the Industrial Look

If there are pipes and wires running across your ceiling, ensure that all of them are safely secured to the ceiling, and use a shade of metallic paint on them to finish the ceiling. A silver, a deep blue, a gray, or even a red, or gold will have this look come out perfectly. You can then fix light fixtures at appropriate points to highlight the ceiling. Don’t leave the ceiling painted white when you are trying out this look. It doesn’t look as smashing as it would when painted over with a metallic color.

There’s Always the Suspended Ceiling

A suspended or a drop down ceiling is a common choice for a basement but eats up a lot of headroom. It is also known to appear very commercial which is why people choose to avoid it. However, this ceiling is a great choice because it helps cover up exposed duct work, and its tiles can be moved when any point has to be accessed for repair, unlike the traditional drywall ceilings. A suspended ceiling also provides sound insulation to keep your basement as cozy and private as possible.

An Eco-Friendly Option

We’re talking about bamboo blinds here that have become extremely popular as basement ceiling options. All you are required to do is fix them on the ceiling and either allow them to sag or use up their entire length to cover the ceiling. These can be used to cover up the entire ceiling or you may leave open spaces amid the blinds to add character to the ceiling. You could also try to have light fixed on the ceiling that filters through the blinds for a dim look. This is a great choice if you are building a bar in your basement. Finally, the blinds may be painted in a myriad of colors, though their natural shades look the best.

Keep in mind that whatever you do with the ceiling of your basement, you should keep the theme and décor of the rest of the room in mind. You don’t want the ceiling to become overbearing with all the other design and color in the room, but simply complement the design pattern that exists there. After all, you did create this additional room to unwind and de-stress, didn’t you?

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