Basement Finishing Ideas (New Basement Project)

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remodeling ideas

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Updated: January 31, 2014 — 12:22 pm


  1. pretty sweet, nice job!

  2. BasementFinishingMan

    Thanks Joe! We were right on top of the footer at the level of the door and
    could not go any deeper! The home owners were instructed to clean loose
    debris away from the “french” drain anytime it collects. In PA Closet
    switches are code. Thanks for the NYC insight, it is appreciated! Eddie

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I wouldve like to see what it looked like before
    the renovations and also the outside of the house. Also, what is the total
    cost of the project? Again, beautiful- I’d never leave the basement, except
    to get to the pool!!

  4. John Khernel Ortiz

    That basement looks exactly like mine. 🙂 Good effort on the designs I
    really like it. Good job. 🙂 thanks for this video it helped me a lot on
    some of new ideas.

  5. how much does that cost ?

  6. BasementFinishingMan

    The cost for this Job was around $ 30 sq. ft.. Eddie

  7. Beautiful job! I wish i could have my basement finished like this. Right
    now my basement is dirty and unfinished. Its the total length of the house
    so its pretty big. If I ever get rich ill hire you! Thanks for sharing your

  8. Home alone for 3 weeks starting the end of next week so hopefully I can
    transform my basement to look half as nice as this one in that amount of
    time…Thx for sharing….I got a couple of ideas on some things I want to
    include in my basement remodel….Floor is already tiled so I just have to
    do all the rest…My basement is not as big as this one so hopefully I can
    get it done….

  9. What color and brand paint are the walls?

  10. Can you send me an instructional video ?

  11. Eddie, I need your videos, please tell me how to acquire them.

  12. Hi Eddie looking to finish our basement. Is it necessary to get a permit?
    Some estimates we received were much higher with a permit. Why is that?
    Thanks 🙂

  13. BasementFinishingMan

    Yes Permits are required in most parts of the country these days! It’s
    better to be SAFE than Sorry. Building permits protect you from poor
    workmanship or illegal building practices that could result in damage to
    your home or worse! Best to just pull permits and be safe. Most licensed
    legit contractors will want to pull permits to protect both you and
    themselves! It cost a little more, but it’s worth it to protect you biggest
    investment…your house! Hope this helps. Take care. Eddie

  14. funny how I’m looking on tips to refinishing a basement for my Mom’s home
    in Mechanicsburg and i stumble upon this video!

  15. BasementFinishingMan

    Yep your right in our backyard! Hope the videos give you some excellent
    ideas for mom’s basement! Thanks for stopping by our channel! Eddie

  16. The only thing I don’t like about this is that the baseboard and door trim
    is too plain, that’s just my personal opinion. Other than that, great job!!

  17. BasementFinishingMan

    We were asked to match the basement projects trim to the rest of the homes
    trim style…so that’s what we did for the homeowners. Thanks for the
    positive feedback on the project, and thank you for stopping by our
    basement finishing channel here on YouTube! Eddie

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