Bathroom Remodel (removing a fiberglass shower.)

This video explains the procedure for removing a 1 piece fiberglass shower from the bathroom in preparation for the new tub and tile surround! The tools need…


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Updated: February 27, 2014 — 4:28 am


  1. nice done. Thanks for the head start of how to begin my project.

  2. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Thanks Andy. I will be uploading more bathroom remodel videos over the next
    few days from this bathroom project. Slow go right now, but I should have
    another 12 or so over the next week. Eddie

  3. These videos are great. You can tell he is a professional. I’m waiting for
    the rest of the videos.

  4. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Thanks for commenting! We have around 50 videos coming soon! Eddie

  5. Eddie, Can you please post the video where you guys put in the tub after
    removing the fiberglass shower. Your advice for removing the one piece was
    spot on and I wanted to see how you guys do the plumbing and tile. Thanks!

  6. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Will be posting videos like you requested later this month! Thanks for

  7. Well done! I have a one piece fiberglass shower in the master bedroom that
    needs replaced. I look forward to the rest of the remodeling videos. As a
    side note, my shower head/supply pipes in my master bedroom are in the wall
    behind the toilet in the main bathroom. You cut a hole in a closet to
    access the water pipes. When I cut into my main bathroom wall, to gain
    access to the pipes, do you have any suggestions on how to tastefully cover
    up the hole but still leave an access to the pipes? Thanks

  8. BathroomRemodelVideo

    In situations like yours I always close the hole permanently and refinish
    the drywall and paint. If You ever have to get to the shutoffs again in the
    future you will have to cut back into the wall again. Now, they do make
    plastic access panels that come in different sizes that you can install in
    your wall that enable you to access the plumbing shutoffs anytime. They are
    not to bad looking either…you can install them and paint them the color
    of the wall if you wall. Good luck w/ the project!

  9. Eddie, your videos are great.I can’t wait for the rest of the series. I’m
    planning to do a full bathroom remodel in the coming months and you’re
    doing exactly what I need to know.

  10. Great video!

  11. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Thanks. We hope to upload 2-3 new bathroom remodeling videos a month.

  12. HI, thanks for the great vid. I have the exact same issue. Iwas wondering
    if you cut the drain pipe from the rear access, or pulled the tub right out
    breaking the drain pipe clear off.

  13. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Hello! Yes we did take the drain and P-Trap apart from the backside of the
    tub wall. The P-Trap had your typical compression nut that we un-threaded
    so we could completely remove the Trap out of our road for the tub removal.

  14. Great Videos! Lot’s of very useful information. I’m planning to renovate my
    bathroom and so far your videos are the best I’ve seen. Keep up the good

  15. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Hey DJ! Thanks for stopping by our Bathroom Remodeling channel. We
    appreciate your comment as well! If you ever have any specific questions
    about your bathroom project just let me know how I can help you. Eddie

  16. Is it possible to remove fiberglass shower/tub without having to cut it
    into smaller pieces? My issue the sub floor got wet and I would like to
    remove shower, replace floor, then put old shower back. Any info you would
    have for me will help out! thanks

  17. BathroomRemodelVideo

    Yes of course! We only cut it into pieces because we had to get it out of
    the house from the 2nd floor bathroom. If your re installing yours just
    remove the unit and set it aside inside the bathroom until you finish your
    other project and then re install it. Eddie

  18. You make me feel like I could do this all by myself without my husband
    being home. Me and the Sawsall are best friends. 🙂 Hoping to do a bathroom
    remodel on the manufactured home we are buying some day soon.

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