Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix: DIY or Hire a Phoenix Remodeling Contractor?

If you’ve been thinking about doing a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, then perhaps you’ve also been thinking about doing it yourself.  Or, at the very least, perhaps you’ve been considering doing some of the bathroom remodel in Phoenix yourself, while hiring an experienced Phoenix remodeling contractor to do the rest.



Before you make a decision about your bathroom remodel in Phoenix, consider these issues…



What Are Your Skills With Regards to Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix?


It’s absolutely important for you to be brutally honest with regards to your skills when it comes to doing a bathroom remodel in Phoenix. If you’ve never done any home remodeling in Phoenix before, you may be unpleasantly surprised to discover just how difficult it is and how much skill it takes to do certain tasks. 


A lot of people choose to go the do-it-yourself route when doing a bathroom remodel in Phoenix because they figure it will save them a lot of money. However, if you lack the skills to do a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, it may actually cost you more money in the long run. Here’s why:


  • Mistakes can cost you both time and money when you have to buy new supplies and take the time to repair the mistake when doing a bathroom remodel in Phoenix.


  • Lack of experience with bathroom remodeling in Phoenix can create major problems down the road, such as mildew, mold, unstable structures, etc.


  • Lack of experience with bathroom remodeling in Phoenix can result in shoddy workmanship, which may become apparent immediately, or a few weeks or months down the road. Either way, you’ll need to redo the project.



If you’re unsure of your skills, then err on the side of caution and do those parts of your bathroom remodel that you know you can easily handle, such as the tear-down work, the clean-up work, painting and installing hardware and fixtures.


If you have a big budget, then you don’t have to worry so much about doing the work yourself. Instead, you can hire the professionals for your bathroom remodel in Phoenix. This has the added benefit of taking less time while resulting in better quality work. Which brings us to the second point…?


When Would You Like Your Bathroom Remodel in Phoenix Complete?


Another issue to consider is how long you expect your bathroom remodel in Phoenix to take. Many a homeowner has had dreams of doing a bathroom remodel in Phoenix himself, only to discover that it’s taking a lot more time than originally anticipated. Perhaps the homeowner envisioned the room being torn apart for a couple weeks. Instead, the bathroom remodel in Phoenix takes months. If you have multiple people living in the house, it can cause a lot of discord and frustration when you’re trying to complete the bathroom remodel in Phoenix.


Point is, if you don’t know how long it will take you to do the bathroom remodel in Phoenix yourself, and then you may want to add from 50% to 100% to your time estimates. You might even add more if your experience is likely to cause you to make time-consuming mistakes.


What Do Your Family Members Think?


If you have other people in the household, then be sure to consult with them before you undertake any part of the bathroom remodel in Phoenix. If they’re pushing you to hire an experienced contractor, then you’d be wise to listen. 


Fortunately, you don’t need to look far in order to find a good team with experience doing bathroom remodels in Phoenix. Simply go to http://www.twdaz.com/ to find out why so many others trust Todd Whittaker Drywall for all their bathroom remodeling projects in Phoenix – and why you should too.

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