Beautiful home remodel tour on San Diego’s KUSI TV

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Updated: December 1, 2013 — 7:46 pm


  1. That has got to be the most gorgeous house I’ve ever seen. Inside, outside,
    everything. I paused it when I could see the “before picture” (45 seconds
    or so)and then looked around at what is now there and that is just

  2. Such a nice response thank you. Great idea to pause on the before photos. I
    have watched the video a couple of times and each time wished they had
    focused a bit longer on the before photos . . never thought of pausing it .
    . . daah 🙂 Thanks dirtybirdfan16 for the really nice compliment. The
    house IS absolutely gorgeous . . . much more than you can see here. If you
    subscribe to my channel you will be alerted to my next upload which will
    include more photos of this house and others. RR

  3. Great choice of redesigned home for both magazine and TV coverage. So warm
    and welcoming, exciting, interesting and comfortable too. Amazing
    transformation. I don’t know how Rebecca does it, but she hits a home run
    everytime! Lucky San Diego! From SS in OR

  4. Rebecca, you NEVER cease to amaze me with your phenomenal skill to
    transform a space, a room, a home, a dwelling! WOW!

  5. Thank you so much music4dsoul. I feel very blessed to be able to see the
    vision for these homes the moment I walk into them. The bast part however,
    is building amazing relationships with the people who live in them! Thank
    you for your kind comments. You can never be too encouraged! RR

  6. Rebecca you are so talented, Beautiful. designs.

  7. Oh my gosh I would never leave that home. I’d love to see video of your

  8. I gave you another 5 star because you’re really a Multi Talented person.
    Thanks! ~Andree’

  9. Great video Rebecca. Your homes are elegant and so warm and inviting. You
    have amazing talent. Do I recognize a European designers touch?

  10. What a nice compliment gisellefan1, I appreciate you taking the time to
    leave a comment. If you recognize any particular touch it would be the
    taste of the clients. I take the responsibility of capturing my clients
    personal taste and bent very seriously. It’s what makes my work so much
    fun. At the same time we were working on this home, we were creating a
    modern beach house for New York transplants. See “Robeson Design Transforms
    Tract Home” for a completely different look. Thanks again, RR

  11. Thank you maishiranui33. I appreciate your sentiment. Although I have no
    aspirations for television, it is a compliment when these opportunities
    come my way. Keep checking back on my channel, you never know what we will
    be uploading next! Thanks again, RR

  12. That was tremendous to see suddenly your not just Rebecca!a name your a
    real person,thats real cool,I enjoyed that video, my you do make wonderful
    makeover/redesigns I think you have tremendous good taste and who lives in
    a house like that O boy are these people for real,you know Rebecca most
    people on this planet dont even have a feather pillow for their heads at
    night, They could not even imagine what this house looks like in their
    wildest dreams,we should all give thanks for our lot I guess.

  13. Thank you David, I understand there are few people who live like this. They
    are blessed in deed! In return, these clients open their home on a regular
    basis to kids groups and church activities. Their back yard is a wonderland
    park. Something most of us only dream of. I am happy for them and it was a
    great project for my company. The cover and 8 1/2 page editorial has
    brought us 3 large projects for 2010. I feel blessed as a result. Thanks
    for your kind remarks! RR

  14. thanks deluded for sharing this, it’s beautifully done!

  15. WOW, Lucky people who live here. Good to know San Diego has some great
    talent in Interior Design. I’ll have to flag this video for future
    reference! Good luck Robeson Design.

  16. Thank you so much Jack. You really flatter me. I’m glad Google sent you
    here. I hope you were able to view a few more of our videos. We love what
    we do and we love sharing it with the world! We shall see regarding
    Architectural Digest. National publication would be a blessing for sure!
    Thanks again, RR P.S. You might enjoy checking out our Blog. I am very
    proud of it. Lots of great ideas and design tips you can use in your own

  17. they’re living in my dream home!

  18. Wow… beautiful!

  19. Beautiful – things that dreams are made of. Your “visions” are something
    else, love everything that I have seen so far…what a talent!

  20. I love it! Nice house

  21. They wanted to move into a “big house”?? What exactly is the definition of
    ‘big’ according to them??!!??!!

  22. A zip line Rebecca really!? You always have something amazing to add to the
    house well not including everything else you put in there. You’re just
    truely amazing! This video is from 2009 and it’s not 2012 and you still
    haven’t lost your touch. You are truely a great designer and you just get
    better and better each year. With every video you do you just never fail to
    amaze me! You’re so great and i’m sooooo jealous.

  23. Love home decorating, love looking at beautiful rooms, love this video!

  24. Stunning! Rebecca you are beautiful and have an amazing gift! Has anyone
    ever called you the House Whisperer? Love and blessings!

  25. OH… MY… GOD… this is beautiful! You are so fortunate! You’re such a
    great designer!

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