Bedroom Design Tips

The bedroom is the heart of our home sweet home – the place where you spend most of your time reading, unwinding, dressing up, watching television, cuddling up and sleeping of course! And you will be surprised to know that your bedroom colors and design affect your mood-o-meter throughout the day! Your bedroom decor is a direct reflection of your personality. So, you should choose a design that expresses the kind of person you are. The most important elements of a bedroom design are its color scheme, the furniture and the lighting.


The basic themes on which you can design your bedroom can broadly be classified as cool theme, calm and soothing theme and vibrant theme. When you will take a look at what these design schemes are all about, you may be able to connect yourself with one of them, so as to choose one. What really matters is, your bedroom should look aesthetically peaceful, yet interesting.

Bedroom Design Tips

For those of you, who love styling their homes, there are many ways of choosing color schemes for your bedroom, that will never seem dull over time. Colors of your bedroom will have a direct effect on your mood and energy levels.

Cool Color Scheme

If you want your bedroom to have cool color schemes, blue, green, purple and white may be the colors for you. Well, this does not mean that you will paint all the walls of your bedroom with one of these colors. It would definitely trouble your eyes. What you can do is, paint the three walls around your bed with a color that has a mild tone of cream and the wall which backgrounds the bed can be painted in vibrant green, blue or purple. As your back will be facing this wall, the brightness of the wall color will not be stressful to your eyes, yet when you are inside the bedroom you can feel its brightness!

Vibrant Color Scheme

If you are a person who likes shiny details and loud colors like fuchsia, purple, and red will do wonders for your bedroom. You can use a vibrant printed fuchsia wallpaper on the wall behind your bed and paint the rest of the walls with a pale pink, or a muddy shade of red or a combination of both with a pale pearl white color. You can also use earthy colors like beige, brown and pale cream to add a feel of warmth.

Classic Color Scheme

There are color schemes that look cool, there are color schemes that look hot and vibrant and then there are some color schemes that look classy and never go out of style! One such color scheme is ivory-white with a tint of golden or an ebony black and gray color scheme also reflects a classy look. You paint a wall white with small detailing of golden in your furniture and curtains or get your walls painted in alternate white and gray or black and gray. Both the combos work well with silver and golden detailing in curtains, furniture, side tables etc. I will come to those decorations later.

Bedroom Furnishing Ideas

Classic European Style Furniture

Call it a theme or a style of furniture, classic European style of beds, wardrobes and comfort chairs spell elegance and luxury at the same time. Classic European style of furniture goes best with classic color scheme. It may work with vibrant colors too, if the deigning is done well. If you have a classic color scheme, European furniture with a tint of golden will set landmarks in luxury. For example, have your walls painted in white and gray in alternate pattern. Add a gray colored printed wallpaper with golden print on for the wall behind your bed and have a French bed with dark brown side tables and a golden side lamp. Accessorize it with a small couch and a single love-seat made with dark-colored wood and golden detailing. Remember that this style would look great in a large-sized bedroom. If your bedroom is small in size, this kind of set up would look too stuffed with no space to move around.

Urban Functional Furniture

Best suited for a small apartment or a condo, this style of furniture works great with all the color schemes – cool, vibrant and classic. It allows a wide scope for experimenting with combinations of all styles. Urban functional style furniture has a space to accommodate all your stuff in just a room and believe me or not, it consumes the lowest space! That’s what makes us call it urban functional probably. It comes in varied shapes and is available in most modern and sophisticated designs. There is something about urban furniture that attracts everyone. Urban contemporary furniture also holds a great capacity of storage, which is why it is a popular favorite all over the world. A great idea could be painting your walls white and add a fuchsia paint on any one wall. This will funk the whole room up! Add accessories like a huge fuchsia colored chair or match your curtains with fuchsia, so that the color theme is maintained in your room.

Bedroom Design Tips On Lighting

Perfect bedroom lighting can accentuate a boring design into tempting design and improper lighting can ruin the look of the best furniture and color schemes into a disaster! Yes, lighting is like the fuel of your bedroom design and decor. For those of you who have opted for a cool look for your bedrooms, should go for soothing lights in pale white, cream and light yellow. If you have painted a wall behind the bed with a vibrant color or you have some kind of wall décor done, opt for yellow picture lights or spot lights on that particular wall, so that it drives all the attention on your funky wall décor. A cute lampshade on a bedside table gives a cozy, warm-lit look. For a dramatic bedroom, you can consider setting up neon or linear lights underneath the bed for ‘floating bed’ look. You can also place these linear lights under the P.O.P ceiling for a different glow! Do not stuff in all kinds of lights in your bedroom. Stick to one color scheme look.

Bedroom Decorating Tips and Ideas

Having stylish furniture and pairing it with the colors of your room, will not do enough to make a bedroom look heavenly. Try out these decorating ideas that I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

  • You can use a feminine blend of vintage furniture, 70s style wickerwork and elaborately carved mirror. Make it look all the more whimsical with gorgeous accessories like shimmering silk bed sheets with fringes, lace and feather. This look will definitely arouse a dream escape in you!
  • Just married and want a romantic look? Try layering your entire bedroom with different shades of cream and off-white with pale white for a hopelessly romantic backdrop. Every single element in your bedroom, right from a pillow cover to the huge classy chandelier light should be in different shades of cream and off-white.
  • If you have designed your bedroom in a classic color scheme with European style furniture, one great idea could be adding a huge classic chandelier light. Keep it royal with golden bed linen, ornate detailing, silk and lace curtains that adds heavy glamor. Bedrooms with these themes invite sensuality.
  • If you want an outdoorsy look, add some peaches, light blues and whites to your color palette. A neutral and outdoorsy look is timeless and allows a lot of space. You can convert one of the four walls into a giant French window to allow the sun beams and the greens to pass through!
  • If your room spells simplicity, add a huge floor lamp-shade on one of the corners of your bedroom to add a designer look.

Here’s hoping that these ideas will do marvels for you and your bedroom. Try these new bedroom decorating ideas and give your bedroom its much-deserved makeover. Your bedroom-unwinding moments will have a new definition – pure indulgence!

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