Budget Bathroom Renovation

A tutorial for how to remodel a full bathroom for under 00 in less than 3 days. For more real estate tips and investing advice, visit us at http://www.th…

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Updated: December 22, 2013 — 7:46 am


  1. I would put a curtain over that window….

  2. @ChyakuNorisuScarf We generally do not provide window treatments with our
    properties, but I certainly agree that a curtain would help!

  3. Oh wow, I might actually use this guide to renovate an old bathroom.

  4. Thanks a million for the info, it looks awesome, I am having mine done for
    $3,500. Same size and year 1970’s. Best wishes, cheers!

  5. Hey that was great! Congratulations! My bathroom is about your size and I
    want to do the samething I have a new bathtube and shower and toilet
    already. So what I need now is a mirror, vanity, faucet, towel/toilet paper
    racks. I wonder what you think that would cost?

  6. @shwtym1 Depends on the size of the vanity. But assuming a standard 30″
    single-bowl vanity, everything you listed is easily done for under $500. If
    you do all the work yourself, even less.

  7. Great job! What program did you use for the graphic of your bathroom, it
    looks great Wayne

  8. Thanks, some good tips there.

  9. wow beautiful

  10. the guy really worked for 50 buks an hour! never find labour that cheap wer
    i live in norway…about 100 buks an hour minimum for a proffesional if ur
    lucky,i just bought a house and gota re model the entire thing and bathroom
    is gona e te most expencive…funny enough about 15grand hahaha but i have
    to move around the plumming and stuff

  11. Someone just quoted us $22,000 for a 2.1m x 1.8m bathroom renovation.
    Everything was going to stay where it was too…I just think that they
    really didn’t want to do the job.

  12. I only get about 50 an hour for being an IT professional…I’m supposed to
    be a smart one, time to change jobs methinks!

  13. hahaha yeh even in this shit economy builders r still making a mint!i used
    to be a builder in australia but didnt enjoy it now i work in a power plant
    and get 40 buks an hour haha might have stuffed up on that decission,but
    wot r ya gona do they can pretty much charge wot they wont,i think my
    bathroom will be cheaper then urs coz a plummer friend of mine is gona move
    and lay all the pipes for me for only 60 an hour(friend price) hahaha

  14. but 22,000 for such a small area and considdering u dont need to go into
    the ground and walls and fuk witht the pipes or woteva that is an
    outragious price man,u planning on having a golden shower that shoots out
    diamonds? haha,u could always say well i COULD pay u 22,000 to do my
    bathroom or i could pay some one 5,000 to have u wacked for being a bitch

  15. Is there any difference between what you call re-glazing tiles and using an
    enamel paint to paint over them.

  16. In short–no, not really. Re-glazing tiles does involve painting them with
    a type of enamel paint. But the real job is the extensive prep-work
    required. The paint will not be durable if you don’t carefully etch and
    clean the surface properly.

  17. Thank you very much, I have these 60s orange flowered tiles with matching
    orange bench top and they simply have to go. I know retro is making a
    comeback but I’m assuming it’s not making that much of a comeback that
    orange floral tiles are high on everyones must have list. Mold is a serious
    problem with all the humidity so I need to avoid it at all costs. Thanks

  18. the working man is so funny!!! the work is the hardest part of my

  19. Christopher Woodard

    To update the mirror above the vanity take down your measurements and go to
    a framer like Hobby Lobby and have a custom photo frame made. Then take the
    frame and use a water proof glue and C clamps and mount it over the
    existing mirror after about a day to dry remove the clamps and it will look
    brand new!

  20. ahhh you’re so smug (I’m just jealous – good work)

  21. Many old bathrooms need to have the walls around the tub replaced because
    they used drywall instead cement backer board and if you cannot find the
    same tile to match the old you can end up with something that doesn’t look
    very nice or is more costly.

  22. Change that door knob to a nickel finish and you’re good. Lol.

  23. The bathtub should be all peeled off by now.

  24. Hello friends, we have bought new flat, but have to make integral
    reconstruction of the kitchen and bathroom. Have been looking for equipment
    and found out this company ravak.com They have really nice stuff. Don´t you
    have some experience with its products? Do you know where to buy its
    showers and bathtubs? Thanks a lot, Regards, Julietta

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