Bully Xtreme — No Hype The Truth About Bully Extreme

Have you heard about the Bully Xtreme yet?


I recently purchased it and on my friends urging have written this review. You see perhaps like many of my personal training clients you have been looking to get rid of that beer belly that just keeps on growing on you like some wild weed. Or perhaps you just need to pack on some muscle, get a more V-tapered and defined body.

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Well look no further because what I’m about to share with you may make you a believer yet. I know– I know you have heard these claims before– so have I!

So when my friend and personal trainer Frank Sherrill told me about the Bully Xtreme Home Gym I figured let me take a look at it. After all Frank has an incredible physique, so if he says it’s a useful exercise device–I listened up!

Here is my unbiased opinion of the Bully Xtreme.

To tell the truth, I was expecting a typical bench and some kind of weights or resistance rods/tubes. The Bully Xtreme is far from that. I was also expecting a crazy price tag but he offers it at a very low price. According to Frank, the Bully Xtreme is a revolutionary and breakthrough exercise device that replaces dumbbells, cables and resistance bands.

Basically it looks like a bar with a cable around it and it measures about 34 to 35 inches but only weights 4 pounds. It really is a portable home gym I found myself being able to perform more than 82 muscle building — result getting exercises — as they like to phrase it on their web site.

I know what you are saying right now- “Sure Robert, if this Bully Xtreme is so good why have I not heard about it before?” That’s the same question I posed to Frank. The Bully Xtreme Home Gym is a radical redesign of an old patent that had expired over 28 years ago.

Frank Sherrill, the designer took the best elements of this old expired exerciser and completely changed and improved upon the original design. He took his years of experience in the bodybuilding field and applied it to re-create a portable and inexpensive home gym that any one any age can use.

The thing about the Bully Xtreme is that it looks so simple that you might just over look its true muscle building, fat shedding and true strength building ability. I hope by now I have you at least curious about this “Bully Xtreme” thing– do I?

Well here’s the thing if you want to find a portable home gym that offers 5 to 600 pounds of resistance-provides more than 82 exercises-so you never get bored and comes with a lifetime warranty then check out my complete review of the Bully Xtreme

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