Charity Based Home Business

Working from your own home is one of the best ways to earn your living.

If you can tie in a charity that will benefit from the idea then all the more strength to you ideas.

If everybody in this world that was able did their bit towards helping charities there would be a lot less need for any charity.

Here is how this idea works. It is a mini website that is article driven.

First I need to point out to you that this is only one way that this business could be run. In every business situation there are always very many variations, and most are just as good as the other.

Further this is really just a quick and general outline designed to get the concept across.

Choose the charity that you want to support. Then find out what product would sell well to other people that support the same charity. That product should be digital and preferably have an affiliate system attached.

Then you create a website online, add the product, add a free report, add an auto responder, and do it all in a word-press form.

Naturally the more effort you place into the S.E.O. and other things in relation to this website the better. What you really would be creating is a mini site.

Then you go to the charity that you want to support and get two things done. Firstly you must work out the commission structure with them so that you are all happy. The second thing that you need to do is to get them to help you find volunteers.

Most charities have a mailing list of some sort.

You will now contact each and every one of those people on that list and tell them that you need their help with two things. Firstly explain that you are helping the charity to modernize, and then tell them that you only need their time, and add that the time will be spent at their own homes.

My theory is this- many more people would love helping a charity if they could fit the time in at their own pace.
Late at night, or early morning, and not helping out at cake sales.

Each person that agrees to give you 2 hours a week ask them to also get you 2 more volunteers and get them to explain the 2 hours from home thing.

Finally all you need to do is to get each of those volunteers to write you 4 articles a week. Naturally some will do less and others more.

A Quick tip here, the higher the fee that the charity receives then the easier it will become to keep your volunteers.

Explain to the volunteers that you are using internet marketing to raise funds for the charity. If you can get them to track the results of the traffic with you over time at the website then they will very likely work even harder.

You could even have someone to do the keyword research, and another to place the articles up onto the directories.

Your hard work will be only in the beginning. The number of articles being added to directories in relation to that site will depend on how many helpers you can get. Let us work on 20 as an example. That would be 80 articles a month. Nearly 1000 articles a year.

How much do you think a website that is growing by 80 every month will earn? If you add the advantage that you can gain from the auto responder list then you can help that charity in a massive way and still earn nicely yourself.

Initially you could charge more for your time, but once the site is running well you could cut your percentage right down to 15%.

Remember this; if you had an affiliate business then they would earn you 18 to 20%.

So then there you have it, a plug and play business that does require a bit of work in the beginning, but has a feel good part to it that is great.

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