Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Marble tiles, a block glass shower enclosure, sober colored backsplash ideas, a beautiful wooden vanity with a vase of lilies sitting on it, and a lovely view from the bathtub! Isn’t this the type of bathroom you would like to have in your home? I am sure you would. But if you are thinking that remodeling your current bathroom to make it look attractive is going to burn a hole in your pocket, you might want to think again. Remodeling doesn’t always have to be in bigger numbers, since you can choose to make your bathroom look brilliant with affordable ideas as well. There are some unique things you could do with your bathroom interiors with a low-budget.

Remodeling a Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Right from adding a fireplace to your bathroom, to decorating the walls with beautiful accessories, you can have it all within an affordable price range. All it takes to make a bathroom look stylish and relaxing is some creative ideas to place the various areas in the room. There is a bathing, toilet, and a vanity area which can be designed in a unique way and decorated with bright and fresh colors. Adding accessories like wall decorations, candles, flowers or plants, toiletry closets, etc. can also work wonders. We have compiled some useful cheap bathroom remodeling tips, for your convenience.

Creating Unique Surfaces

  • When you think of remodeling your bathroom, the first thing that comes to your mind is repainting your bathroom walls and giving the ceiling and floor a new finish. Thus, when you create a new surface in any room most of your remodeling is done, as surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors have a huge effect on the rooms.
  • To start with this, you can first think about a color combination that you would like to have in the bathroom. Pick colors that are neutral, such as; ivory, gray, yellow, green, violet, peach, etc., which are also colors that will give a sober and relaxing feel to the room.
  • When you choose a wall color, you have to make sure you pick a complementary ceiling color and a flooring option accordingly. Plain drywall ceilings and smooth tiled floors, or cheap laminate flooring can be excellent options to match the walls.

Inexpensive Bathing Accessories

  • After you have picked some suitable paint colors for your bathroom interiors, decide the type of accessories such as; bathtub, toilet, vanity area, shower enclosure, and storage area, you would want to have in your new bathroom. These are some essentials of any bathroom, which can be made stylish with some cheap ideas for remodeling a bathroom.
  • To start with the bathtub, instead of installing a new one (if it isn’t cracked), build a deck around it (with laminate or stone surface) so you can place candles, and toiletries on the flat surface. If it needs to be changed, try to pick a unique shaped bathtub like; oval, rectangular, circular, etc. A Jacuzzi would be great, but slightly expensive.
  • The next is to choose the vanity area, which includes the sink, a mirror and an open or closed wooden/granite chest beneath the sink. There are a variety of shapes and colors to choose for the sink, and the chest can either be below the sink or the sink can be built in the chest.
  • Cheap backsplash ideas with a simple mirror could look attractive when paired with the sink and chest. Cheap tempered glass shower enclosure and ceramic or porcelain toilets could be your option if you want to remodel the bathing and toilet areas as well.

Simple Yet Attractive Decorations

  • One of the easiest ways of decorating the bathroom is to use minimum accessories to avoid overdoing.
  • Using colorful tile backsplash ideas can add brightness to the vanity area. Make sure the countertops are complementing the backsplash. You can make open granite chests built in the walls below the vanity to keep the bathroom spacious.
  • Ventilation is very important in bathrooms, therefore, make sure you have big windows with blinds or colored curtains (drapes are not advised). You can also add a room divider to give your modern designed bathroom interior a traditional touch.
  • More than making wooden cabinets (that are expensive) in your bathroom, I would suggest, have sections built inside the wall, so you can place not only toiletries but also decorations such as vases, flowers, pots, etc., on display. The floor can accommodate a few indoor plants around the bathtub or toilet, to include fresh greens inside the room.

You can use the aforementioned tips to remodel your bathroom without spending a lot of money. So make minimum use of wooden furniture and purchase stylish porcelain items so you spend in the right areas.

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