Complete House Remodel MOVIE – Before & After Pictures – 1950 Gunnison Home Renovation

I hope you all enjoy the video. I would have taken better quality pictures. But the old ones I just took from the original listing and the new ones were take…

remodel home

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Updated: November 25, 2013 — 1:07 am


  1. Thanks Stacy. =)

  2. Nice job JD. So, is this your home, or investment property?

  3. Thanks IronButt. When purchased it was intended to be both. I lived in it
    for a few months, but now I’m trying to sell it since I moved away. It’s in
    a good rental area and It’s also one of only a few homes toward the end of
    the street that are commercially zoned. So I’m in no hurry to get rid of it
    if I don’t get around the price I want.

  4. Tin roof on the garage…grrrreat idea. Liked the make over.

  5. Thanks. The roof was a good choice. Less labor cost to install, goes right
    over the old one and it looks great. I had to play slightly more for the
    custom copper color, but I think it looks fantastic. They look so
    deceiving. I couldn’t believe how heavy the sheets are. When I had them
    stored in my garage I could hardly drag 2 at a time when they needed moved.

  6. First off this movie was so inspirational that I was crying the whole time.
    Ok I was crying from the sappy violin music then when I was beginning to
    man up, you noted that you sentenced your parents to hard labor and I was
    crying yet again LOL Can you fed-x me the old carpet? I have a fetish for
    pet urine LOL Um on 2nd thought no, you keep it, it has sentimental value

  7. You had to play slightly more? Ah so it WAS you playing the violin? They
    put the roof on just so you would stop LOL Think you meant you had to pay
    HEHE I like play better it is funnier

  8. My carpet guy said his van smelled for a week. I made sure he was taking
    them away. LOL. Glad you were able to get a good cry in. If it was a good
    cry then the video did It’s job! lol. Took me about 5 hours to make,
    sometimes It’s frustrating being a darn perfectionist. But in the end I’m
    always happier.

  9. LOL. That wasn’t me, that was the fiddler on the roof! I had to pay him to

  10. OMG I can’t read. I thought you said they PUT me on the roof so I would
    quit. Haha.

  11. No was making fun of your typo mister perfectionist LOL

  12. Orbs yur house is haun ted

  13. I never said I was a good at being a perfectionist. LOL

  14. Have 6 more months to think of what our new challenge for next year will
    be. I am not picking gold as I am tired of low tones LOL

  15. ECTreasureHunters

    The house looks great now. Good job. Was that the Zelda soundtrack being
    played on violin? Classic!

  16. Thanks guys, and yep, you guessed it with Zelda. Youtube channel violintay
    does violin by ear for tons of old school and newer video games. She does
    an awesome job. Some of the those old games have the best soundtracks of
    all time and I enjoy a lot of her remixes. The violin really elevates the
    music taking some of the digital edge away.

  17. hey nice little house!!!!!

  18. nebraskagoldhunter

    Very nice job!. I did the same for my son late fall for a 1920’s home, it
    was a lot of work and also found a Indian cent and barber, with some wheats
    as well in the yard.

  19. That’s cool. I’ve just been getting started the last 2 years with real
    estate knowledge, so I tried to stay away from the super old houses at
    first. Because I know unless you know what you’re doing they can be a can
    of worms. Sweet finds on the indian & barber in the yard! I look at some of
    the old 1800’s homes with big yards and I want to restore them and detect
    the yard. lol. We all know it’s easier said than done. Haha.

  20. The remodel looks ggreat nice job!

  21. Great remodel on that house:)

  22. Nice job on the house. I had the same paneling in my house. I primed and
    painted it. When I get some extra cash I want to rip it out and dry wall
    it. GL

  23. i cant get used to the wooden homes but i like them nice job jd and the
    tulips ofcourse 😛

  24. Nice remod

  25. Nice Job John!! Thanks for the plug!!! I just might take up paper peeling:)

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