Complete Kitchen DIY Remodel With Ikea Cabinets

Ikea Cabinet planner, kitchen remodel. A total gut, new floors, new electric, recessed lighting, Ikea cabinets, granite countertops, new plumbing, sink/fauce…


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Updated: November 30, 2013 — 8:23 am


  1. Big improvement from the old kitchen but very poor design and installation
    not professionally done, Backsplash hight is to short wall cabinets too low
    faucet touch bottom of wall cabinets,appliances total not placed to code
    stainless hood with black appliances??? , near to no outlets dishwasher
    door bump to sink cabinet handles when open for sure, if open oven door you
    ass bump to cabinets behind.

  2. @ethanmalka: Budget! Wall cabs & backsplash height are to code. Yes, choice
    of faucet too tall. That can be changed, not important right now. It works
    fine. Stainless hood with black appliances-budget. Appliances can be
    replaced later. Black range hoods are rare; none available with the fan
    power I require. I have 4 outlet sets on the walls, enough for my needs. As
    long as the cab door is closed, no bumping of dishwasher, trust me. I use
    it daily. I open oven from side. Don’t be a dick.

  3. @thedragonb Thanks! Now I feel better! By the way your kitchen look awesome
    in comparison with the one you had before. I also worked my kitchen on
    budget and I saved a lot of money and I am really happy with my results! A
    lot of (envious) people tried to put me down because of que quality.. I
    think is totally b***s**t. My old kitchen cabinets were bad quality not
    even close to the Ikea ones and they were looking great because of my “Good

  4. Great Job… Wish I was as skilled

  5. πŸ™‚ Motivation is good! Now if I can just muster up that same motivation for
    my bathroom! My next project!!! πŸ™‚

  6. I thought there was going to be more πŸ™

  7. Sorry, what more did you want to see? Actual construction? How to? A bigger
    kitchen? More cabinets? I would have like that last two, myself! πŸ˜‰ Kind of
    hard when it’s a one man team. To show the work. As for more kitchen. It’s
    a small room 12’x12′.ο»Ώ

  8. nice kitchen, but the goose neck faucet is way out of place and too long

  9. Out of place? No, it’s where it’s supposed to be. Too long? Yes, I agree,
    but bump it! It’s not hitting anything and swings fine. Works. DONE!

  10. Correct! Good eye! I hated to lose window, but I liked the continuity of
    wrap-around of cabinets. It looked empty to just have a single cabinet
    between the windows. I did sacrifice a lot of natural day light, but at
    least I gained more cabinet space. Today, I still feel the kitchen could
    use a bit more cabinet space. I’m running out of room. Thinking a 2nd set
    of cabinets on top of the upper cabinets. It would come in handy for
    storage of items that aren’t used in the kitchen as much.

  11. Thanks! I’m actually regretting using the song which has a copyright,
    because it limits to who can watch it – I’m not sure which countries the
    video can not be shown but I get that message. Disappointing to have to
    re-upload the video again with legal music, but lose the view count.

  12. beautiful,love the music!

  13. You must be high, girrrrl. Soulive with Dave Mathews. That was a stupid
    comment to say. But to each their own. You like what you like.

  14. You are correct. The cabinet doors are all priced separately from the base
    of cabinets so you can order your choice of 2 color base box and style of
    doors. I found this preferable HD could not offer. Some like the white base
    with wood doors. I wanted wood colored base with wood doors. All cabinets
    use standard base boxes. No frames for doors in iKea’s cabs. It’s just the
    cabinet box alone. Hinges, soft close, door handles and doors it’s all
    broken down. Visit Ikea and see what it’s like.

  15. Most boxes of most cabs are Pressed wood only custom comes with wood ply
    and cost serious money. Some doors are wood, some laminate. Real wood
    raises the costs. Pressed, wood – it truly comes down to your budget and if
    it looks good to you. remember the boxes aren’t seen until you open the
    cabinet to place something in or grab something out of it. You will not see
    it. I have all wood doors on the cabinet so it still gives a great look.

  16. Short video showing a homeowner DIY kitchen remodel. Doesn’t show how it’s
    done but shows before and after and a couple steps in between. Gives a
    general idea on pricing. Good to see the transformation, looks nice. ο»Ώ

  17. this looks great, i see this in my future….still got to break to my
    husband who will have to do most of the work ;), i do think ikea kitchen
    are a good budget friendly option to other overpriced kitchens….

  18. Looks great…What brand of pulls did you use on the cabinet doors?

  19. All Ikea… they have various styles and lengths.. πŸ™‚

  20. Complete Retard! Closed one window and installed another small one… By
    the way, the colors are too dark for that small room…

  21. Only serious douches sh*t on other’s work. Kuki Dent (aka douche). I didn’t
    put a smaller window. It was always that size. My choice of closing a
    window was to gain more storage space. Go buy a house and do your own
    remodel, dickhead! Wishing you nothing, but the best with your negative

  22. Well…itΒ΄s not me who choosed some specifically wrong decisions with that
    kitchen… Daylight is a basic in a house, especially when its small, and
    also bright colors in a small room… With more and longer thinking and
    comparing other storage ideas it wouldnt have been necessary to close the
    second window…and you could even gain more storage space… I think thats
    an american “thing”, you guys like it dark, somehow…

  23. I understand that Ikea sinks fit their countertops. Did you need to custom
    make a special frame to mount the sink before you put the granite
    countertop on?

  24. The countertop is not from IKea. They don’t have granite countertops, if I
    recall correctly. I used a local granite contractor. Went out to the
    granite factory and picked out a counter we liked and in our budget. I also
    purchased the sink on eBay. Cost savings was important. But no, the ikea
    cabinets and the plastic legs are strong enough to hold 200lbs per leg. 4
    legs per cabinet. You can do the math. No extra bracing was needed. Granite
    is heavy but not that heavy at only 2-3″ thick.

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