Custom Kitchen Remodel Drywall and Cabinets 8

Steady Progress Toward Worthy Goals.


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Updated: December 13, 2013 — 4:31 pm


  1. Looking good

  2. Looks good!

  3. Looking good, the lady will be happy to have her kitchen back. You know
    what is going to happen after she sees the kitchen done it will be can you
    give me a price on the bathroom.

  4. You have Schwarzenegger down pat. Ha Ha Made in USA way to go.. No particle
    board is a great choice. Your the best in doing a complete job. Wish more
    contractors were like you. Take care…

  5. I have a tendancy to repeat myself too! Mudding and taping is not something
    I enjoy…at all! LOL! Looking good Steve. I can’t wait to see how this all
    turns out.

  6. Shouldnt be using those piercing pipe clamps. Over time they will leak and
    wreck your great drywall work and god knows what else. You should just
    spend the few extra bucks and few extra minutes and solder in some
    connections and what not. It will last a whole lot longer and be a whole
    lot better then the piercing things.

  7. Great move on the ice maker line. I wish I thought about it. I have the
    same brand of cabinets from Home depot cherry color.

  8. if she was spending all the time and money on the kitchen why wouldn’t you
    get rid of the knob and tube? great vids btw

  9. Thank you.

  10. Thanks Bryon.

  11. I KNOW! Sometimes I have a tendency to repeat myself. hahahahahahahahahaha.
    Take it easy Jeff, thanks for watching.

  12. Hey Jeff, I have worked for enough aholes over the years that I have
    learned what seems to work and keep things rolling along. The all-plywood
    boxes ran about $1500 more overall, but quality is night and day. Thanks
    for watching.

  13. Hey Matt, I actually enjoy mudding walls. I don’t know why, but it is
    relaxing to me. Probably because I don’t have to do it 40 hours a week.
    haha. Thanks for watching!

  14. Hey Freak, I have heard good and bad about those clamps. For now, the hose
    is just stubbed up into the attic. I don’t know if the owner is buying a
    refer with icemaker or not, so I may or may not tie in the line. We just
    wanted it in place while the walls were open. It really would not take much
    to tie into the water line with a real fitting. I will see as it goes.
    Thanks for the comment.

  15. nice work on the kitchen, dry wall looks great. those piercing pipe clamps
    for the water over time will leak. steel and copper don’t like each other.
    the one I installed lasted about 5 years. just saying. nice gloves! thanks
    for the videos.

  16. yeh thats fair enough, like the old rubber coated stuff we used in
    australia that breaks down and literally crumbles to pieces in your
    fingers. also it was common to use the metal conduit as an earth, so when
    people broke the conduit for ad on’s it compromised the houses earth. if
    the ruber wires degraded the conduit became live, many people have been
    killed through that. Australia is great, apart from some on the social
    intolerance. im in Melbourne and there is a huge class problem here lol

  17. Hmmm i see that makes sense and my name is matthew too i never did tell you

  18. Hey Steve !!! Lookin Good Brother !!! You need HAT CAM !!! LOL … Glad you
    got your Spectiona !!! Rockin the Rock !!! Man Great Tip on the Tape
    Brother , and the Handy Dandy Tools !!! Can’t wait for the Cabinets !!!
    Crown is my Favorite !!! The Overhead Light had to GO , the Can Lighting is
    going to add a Fantastic New Dimension to your Awesome Renovation !!! Great
    Job and Wicked Video as Always Steve !!!

  19. No kitchen updates?

  20. Thank you Mr Fritz, we have been getting a LOT of cold rain this week, and
    the mud has taken it’s sweet time to dry. Slowing things down. I have video
    to edit and update, but this week has been 16-18 hour days and no time to
    get them done. Thanks for watching!!!

  21. Hey Steve!! I like that Romex cover you built, that’s cool! Great tip on
    the nailing plates, at .24 each, you can’t go wrong! You never know what
    someone may try to drive in the wall someday down the line. Cool gloves,
    I’m going to look for some. The drywall lifter looks like a must have
    tool!! Nice cabinets! Made In the USA, that’s awesome! Can’t wait to see
    them installed! Great job on the drywall! Sealing that seam makes a lot of
    sense, old attics are dirty! Awesome video!!

  22. Hey Ray, Thanks my Friend. We’re on a dinner break from rehearsal and
    checkin in on YT..it’s my only connection to the real world these days…
    hahaha, that’s scary. Thanks for the great comment, the plates are just
    good insurance, the gloves are Da Bomb!, cabinets are some top quality
    stuff, and I am all for keeping the dirt out!

  23. Awesome, I hope you were able to get some videos around the theater this
    time. I really enjoyed those you made a while back, they were cool!!

  24. Hey Ray, Actually the last couple of shows I have not taken video for
    uploads. The more vid I took the less comfortable I felt having all those
    kids on YT. If they take it and post it, it’s one thing, but me doing it
    just didn’t feel right. I figure If I make any cool props or set features I
    will make a vid. After Beauty and The Beast, I moved up in the ranks as
    Tech Director. That means more show responsibility, so my time to vid has
    declined as well.

  25. I do like the redneck version of tools… Some people sure can think up
    stuff and make it work…that’s the beauty of YT, now they have avenues to
    share. Thanks for checking out my videos.

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