Dining Room Paint Colors: Best Hues, Tones, and Color Trends

Paint brands are plenty. When searching for a paint brand, you want to gather the basic information about the paint itself. Here is a great list of paint brands that are highly recommended as the best paint brands to use. Ralph Lauren paints, BEHR paints, Glidden paints, Benjamin Moore paints, and Valspar paints are excellent paint brand choices on the market today.


Dining room paint colors have been boring in the past. Make the most of these dining room trend colors when giving your dining room a boost of class. Here we explore the color scheme. Color schemes depend on decor, walls, and furniture with the walls being the most important in the scheme. How do you move away from the boring colors and into a world of lovely hues and tones?

Lowe’s Home Improvement offers the best paint knowledge online. Here they share the paint guide, color schemes, and painting ideas for those who have little idea on how to paint their dining room. The paint type is important knowledge to have at hand. Paints come in flat, matte, eggshell, satin, and glossy. Flat is harder to clean off fingerprints (and such), while the glossy is the easiest to clean since it coats with a protective seal placed right within the paint itself. Let’s explore the color wheel of paints.

The color wheel of paints for a dining room comes in many different hues and tones. Through Lowe’s Home Improvement store online, one can explore from greens, reds, blues, whites, blacks, and so on. When trying to combine colors, one has to consider the combination. Whether using painter’s tape to design a double color merge, or using sponges to create designs, these next color combinations are the best color trends today. Here are the best Valspar paints that many favor since they are not only one-coat paints, but they also come with warranty.

Combination #1:

Ultra Premium Mountain Pear (#4005-9A): Mountain Pear is a delightful warm color that can lighten up any room with soft class. Mountain Pear is not the color of a Pear, it shares a light mint hue and tone hidden by a cotton appeal. Any dining room will look great in Mountain Pear, as it will when combining this color with another (listed below). A must see, as all dining room paint colors can be found through the bottom link.

Ultra Premium Green Highland (#6007-5A): A great second color combination to Mountain Pear. Green Highland does not only offer a deeper tint of Mountain Pear, it also offers character to any dining room. It is not a deep green, it is a combination of mist and the softest of light greens. Give your dining room a touch of the softest mint of class, and go for this combination.

Combination #2:

Ultra Premium Sweet Baby’s Breath (#1007-6B): Sweet Baby’s Breath would be our favorite. Frost never looked so sweet in this light pink hue and tone. As light as Baby’s Breath itself, this color offers class with a sweet touch of cotton cascade.

Ultra Premium Berry Taffy (#1006-6B): Sounds delicious, but do not eat it. Berry Taffy is a great color combination with Sweet Baby’s Breath. Nothing looks more beautiful than Taffy and Baby’s Breath when painting your dining room.

Combination #3:

Ultra Premium Saffron Silk (#7003-21): Saffron Silk not only sounds attractive, it is. Class in the dining room can be reached with the use of Saffron Silk. This Valspar paint color reflects silky pastel, one of a kind. In a combination, Saffron Silk offers the chance to work with other colors. Great for those who like to mix and match in the dining room.

Ultra Premium Drumskin (#7003-10): Drumskin sounds strange, but that is far from the truth. A light pastel type tan mixed with a cotton tone for soft reflection is the best way to describe the Drumskin color. Drumskin goes well with Saffron Silk, as this is one of the new color trends across America. Treat your dining room with the best that paint stores offer, go for the lighter colors with excellent hues and tones.

When trying to offer some gold hues and tones use the color Ultra Premium Lazy Sun (#3006-6A). It is better to not connect gold hues and tones with other colors unless you are planning on using a soft cotton color to match.

Note for smokers of people with fireplace ventilation problems. Kilz is a great product that would be suggested as the bottom coat of your painting project when it comes to smoke left behind upon walls. For smokers, it’s great to take away that tar tint and smell. For those with fireplace ventilation problems, (after you fix your fireplace) a coat of Kilz will better maintain and left behind smoke or grime that did not find its way out of the fireplace vent. Kilz can be found at most paint stores, including Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

To seek a warm color scheme of your own to use for your dining room, visit the Lowe’s Home Improvement color trends to check out the favored hues and tones.

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