DIY: Inexpensive Decorating and Storage Ideas for a Half-Bathroom

A half-bathroom is usually used by guests. You want to make the space as functional and appealing as possible. I found inexpensive ways to add beauty to my half-bathroom, and clever ways to add storage in unexpected places. Choose items that will enhance, not overwhelm, the small space of a half-bath. Done right, your half-bath will be both welcoming and functional.


Choose a light-colored paint for your half-bath. A light color will make your bathroom seem larger. I chose to paint my bathroom a pale yellow with sage green as my accent color. I painted the trim in my bathroom white. Choosing a theme is also a fun way to incorporate your personality into the decorating. I chose a nature theme. I found a beautiful border of daisies that I put around the center of the walls. This can be another way to add charm to your half-bathroom. Choose a simple border that matches your theme and incorporates all the colors in your bathroom. Another option is to stencil a simple design around the middle of the walls.

Half-Bath Accessories

1. I chose small pictures of flowers for each one of my bathroom walls. The flower pictures are part of my continuing nature theme throughout my half-bath. You don’t want a lot of pictures or large pictures because it can distract and make your bathroom walls appear cluttered and chaotic.

2. I made a pretty flat floral to attach to the wall above the sink. It was a charming and different way to tie the nature theme of my bathroom together. I also decorated a basket with a cover that I placed on the top of the toilet tank. This piece is both pretty and functional. It is a great way to store makeup sponges, barrettes, and is a great catch-all basket for those little items that can clutter a bathroom.

3. I purchased a five-piece bathroom rug set in sage green to compliment my bathroom. Then I added decorative towels, soaps and candles. Many of my pictures and accessories I found at my local Dollar Store.

DIY Sink Skirt

  • Fabric glue
  • Sewing needle
  • Tape measure
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Self stick Velcro strips
  • Thread matching fabric
  • Fabric piece ( instructions on size are below)

A sink skirt is a charming way to hide the plumbing under your sink and add extra storage. Sink skirts are easy to make, and only require basic sewing skills. Most fabric stores have a discount section which is a great place to find fabric for your skirt. I found a great piece of fabric in the discount section of my local fabric store, and I was able to make my sink skirt for under $10. Measure across the sink, and from the top of the sink to the bottom. Add six inches to the width number, and four inches to the length number. This will be the fabric size needed to make your sink skirt.

Assembling the Sink Skirt

  1. Lay the fabric flat on a covered work area.
  2. Measure and make a 1/4 inch lengthwise hem on each side of the fabric. Iron hems and seal them with fabric glue.
  3. Measure and make a 1 3/4 inch hem at the top and bottom of the skirt. Iron hems and seal them with fabric glue.
  4. Make a running stitch at the top of the skirt. This will custom gather your skirt to fit your sink. Hold your skirt up to the top of your sink. Gather the skirt so that it fits perfectly around your sink. Once you are happy with the fit, cut and weave thread ends. Place a little fabric glue to the thread ends for added security.
  5. Apply a self-stick Velcro strip across the front of the sink and on the back top where the sink skirt was gathered. Make sure the Velcro around the top of the sink is as straight as possible.
  6. Attach skirt to the sink.

Now your sink can also be used for storage. Stack a couple of square baskets one on top of the other under the sink. This extra shelving is great for storing extra toilet paper, towels and other supplies. Store your toilet brush and a thin wastepaper basket beside or behind the square baskets.

Recycled Cabinet

On the wall above my toilet I installed a restored and recycled old cabinet that a friend was throwing away. You can also check salvage yards or home improvement stores to see if they have any thin cabinets they want to get rid of. I measured the width of my wall from the toilet tank and above. This gave me an approximate cabinet size that would fit above my toilet. Once I found a cabinet, I painted it white to match my trim. A friend helped me install the cabinet. I also removed and updated the handles. If a cabinet is a fit for your half bath, it is a great way to store soaps, cleaning products, towels and toiletries.

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