DIY Kitchen Countertop Remodel

A woodworker scratch builds kitchen countertops for his wife. Watch the countertop construction progress from the custom core through the application of plas…


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Updated: December 20, 2013 — 7:29 pm


  1. What a wonderful gift you have. I enjoyed this!

  2. It is always fun to dive into a project, especially one that is sanctioned
    (and financed) by my wife! Thanks for watching and commenting!

  3. Great job, plus the new appliances really makes everything look great.

  4. My notes : Great job, clean work place even your clothes not become dirty
    and finally your great work shop you have all the tools which makes your
    work so easy .

  5. Graham Page Decor

    Superb job, how long did it take you end to end? I am soon to remodel our
    kitchen, my wife has kept it new for the last 33 years, while next door
    have had two new ones in that time. Laminate here used to be called Formica.

  6. FatBoy, many thanks for the comments. Over the years I had the opportunity
    to purchase one tool for each project attempted. The professional tools
    make each job easier, safer, and they help produce fine results. A clean
    workplace also helps keep me sane when I am totally focused on a project.
    This makes clean-up at the end of the day a snap since most tools land in
    their proper place during the days activities. I hate it when I can not
    find a tool that I just used a few hours ago! Dave.

  7. Graham, I started on 2-4 and ended on 4-11. That makes this an 11 week
    project for me and it kept me out of the bars! I hope this video has given
    you some hints. Although this kitchen may not look to be “modern”, it
    eliminated the yellow countertops and more importantly, my wife is happy!
    That is what counts anyway (in my book). After the countertop I added a
    small utility room and upgraded the flooring (another video). Thanks for
    watching and commenting. Good luck with your remodel. Dave.

  8. YES all look great…but I have to comment….11 weeks?..your joking ,
    right?…you must have a great wife..most women would not allow her husband
    to do this for this amount of time. Where did you cook…..my wife is the
    best, and believe me…11 weeks of no counter tops because of me…..would
    ruin my marriage ha ha ha

  9. Michael, thanks for your question. If the kitchen were down for 11 weeks
    she would NOT be happy and I would be spending my remaining days at the
    cabin 🙂 The entire project took 11 weeks. I built the countertops in the
    shop before I took out the old ones. I removed the old countertop and
    installed the sink (the most important part of the project) the same day.
    It took me four more weeks to finish up (tile, etc.) but the kitchen was
    useable. My wife is still happy! Thanks for asking! Dave.

  10. Glad you replaced that 1970’s looking yellow stove. You have good skills.

  11. Yep. The yellow just HAD to go. Thanks for watching and commenting! Dave.

  12. 11 weeks ? We would be HAPPY ! Have hired a “contractor” with a fancy truck
    and wanna-be carpenters and $27,000 and 2 months later are still eating off
    a hot plate in our dinning room. Warning – hire union contractors and real
    craftsmen. Great job by obvious craftsman.

  13. The oak trim in the counter top is brilliance! You did a real nice job
    here. I ahve to admit I have a bit of tool envy going on here. What you did
    was excellent, oh and by the way I got the 11 weeks, and one day back to
    funtional—-poor soul posters that either are not married of have never
    attenpted a kitchen remodel (not for the faint of heart). Ok all that
    Said—give that woman some HARDWOOD FLOORS! Dand it man! Nice project!

  14. I decided to look at your entire Youtube video upload collection. I like
    you, you and I would be friends. Friends wow in this world I must
    qualify–I’m not gay-I dont think your gay-friends as in men that have
    things in common—sucks I had to qualify that

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