DIY Summer Wedding Favors

“Favor”- “A small gift given to each guest at a party”

Thoughtful summer wedding favors for your guests, designed by you, provides an extra touch, which says thank you in a personal way, for sharing this special day. DIY (do it yourself) wedding favors, simple in nature, can save money as well. As the definition of “favor” describes, there is no need to break the bank when it comes to these items.


This guide offers some creative DIY ideas, tips and resources to consider if you decide to assemble your own wedding favors.

1 – ) Favors That Reflect Something About the Bride and Groom, Yet Serve a Purpose

I was extremely impressed with the bride and groom’s choice of favors at a family wedding a couple years ago. The couple owns a few horses and they have a passion for riding. With this in mind, the clever pair rounded up enough small horseshoes for each guest (or couple) attending their wedding.

The horseshoes were a brilliant choice in wedding favors because they not only reflected the character of the couple; horseshoes have long stood symbolic for good luck, which is what everyone desires when they begin a life as husband and wife. The symbolic horseshoe has been a traditional custom in a marriage ceremony in various cultures for eons.

The horseshoes, cleaned and spray-painted a shiny gold (to represent prosperity) were embellished by the bride with dried baby’s-breath, deep red tiny rosettes and very narrow ribbon streamers, all of which were attached with a hot glue gun.

Novelty horseshoes are available at many craft shops and online at wedding favor suppliers like Icestandard.org. A horseshoe placed in the home in the upward position, it is presumed, brings luck to the people of the household; thus making it a practical and useful wedding favor for the guests.

2 – ) Wildflower Seeds in Organza Bags – Useful, Earth-Friendly Wedding Favors

With all the details, a bride and groom have to oversee; uncomplicated summer wedding favors may be more desirable. There is nothing quite as easy as putting together no-nonsense seed bags. Seeds are a wonderful token for the wedding guests and an environmentally friendly gesture.

Wildflowers, which are available at any garden center, Wal-Mart or online at Cheapseeds.com, are scooped equally, using a one-cup (or less) measure, into pretty organza bags. Most brides tie the organza bag colors in with the overall wedding theme, but the skies the limit when it comes to this type of favor. For added flair, add purchased charms to the drawstrings.

3 – ) Melt and Pour Soap Made by the Wedding Party

Present your guests with a lovely summer wedding favor of handmade soap. Making large batches of soap is not difficult using a melt and pour soap base. Get the wedding party together on a weekend and make all the soap favors you need. Craft stores carry melt and pour soap base, but my favorite supplier is Wholesalesuppliesplus.com.

There are thousands of soap molds on the market and an endless variety of wedding themed molds. Some of these include lovebirds, wedding bells, hearts or a bride and groom mold. The supplier I mentioned carries a huge assortment of molds, fragrance and essential oils for scenting, color dyes, as well as wonderful soap packaging items.

This soap base is delightful because you melt it in a glass-measuring cup in the microwave in short bursts at a time. Once the soap base liquefies, add color and fragrance, pour the soap into the molds to cool and leave to solidify again. After the soap sets up and is hard, which takes no time, it is ready to use. I like to let my soap set for a few days prior to packaging so it does not end up with overall marks and scratches.

Soap is the perfect DIY summer wedding favor. There are so many light, heavenly summer fragrances to choose from such as French Lavender or Sweet Pea. Consider these ideas for creative and thoughtful summer wedding favors, which will please the guests in attendance.

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