does biotin work for hair growth?

okay i cut my hair short last summer because my hair was really dry from bleaching it

it grew within 5 months to like the middle of my chest, i want it past my boobs like before

but i recently got it “trimmed” to my shoulders once again..

this is my hair right now

and here was my hair like a year ago

it was so soft , healthy , and normal asian hair ;/

now its dry, brittle, dead, and everything.

i use argan oil to make it soft.

i just wanna know if biotin will kinda make my hair long or make my hair grow faster to that length i know itll take forever but i just want my long hair back

please help me!

Biotin alone is not going to do that for your hair, that's like have a car and not use gas. You need all the healthy foods from Mother Nature, not just biotin. Do you know what's in the biotin?

    Biotin – cauliflower, liver, salmon, carrots, bananas, cereals, yeast, and soy flour. Keep in mind that biotin content is reduced when food is cooked or preserved. One YA poster caused her to have major breakouts from supplements. Another poster said: “

i took biotin to grow my hair out, and it ended up falling out too!! it was worse around my bang area, like where you part it, there waas a huge patch of hair missing so i had to move my part for 5 months!” Another example, one taking Biotin & Zinc: “I have taken Biotin ( 300mcg ), Zinc (15mg) and Folic Acid(800mcg) and I realised my breast have gotten really sore, I didn't know what the reason was, but then I realised that I have been taken vitamins.”

NEVER take supplements without your doctor's OK. They can do more harm than good. The foods you eat everyday comes with hair growth, vitamins & minerals LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN DOING before you got your hair cut. Heat & chemicals tampers the growth, chemicals have ingredients causes cancer.

London, Feb 20, 2013 I've been saying that since 2009.

Hair dyes, which include home hair colouring kits and those used at pricey salons, are linked to deadly cancer-causing chemicals, warn scientists. In 2009 the Mail revealed that women who used hair dyes more than nine times a year had a 60% greater risk of contracting blood cancer.

A year later the European Commission banned 22 hair dyes which put long-term users at risk of bladder cancer. < < < <

“You find people oiling hair every single day, the hair sweats and it doesn’t get washed. What do you think happens? It goes limp and becomes thin because it is not breathing,” Shamillah Mohammed, a hairstylist at SUQA, says.

Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” http://www.foodforhealthyhair.com/ http://sg.news.yahoo.com/food-for-health… – or 10 Best Foods for Your Hair.


NO MATTER which link you picked, they all suggest the same foods. Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don't expect to look like you've stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you've changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results. Hair is dead, but hair also has electrical energy; the negative charge of damaged hair can lead to flyways and unruly hair.

Growing healthy hair doesn't come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you're in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you're eating healthy foods. But when hair isn't growing as fast, it's because they've been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

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