Easiest Ways to Finance Home Improvement Projects

Many people are trying to sell their house right now and they’re finding that the market still favors home buyers over home sellers. In order to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer you may need to consider some small upgrades or home improvements to set it apart from the competition. Home improvements can not only help you sell your home but depending upon the upgrades you choose to perform they may actually help you get a higher selling price for your home.

In order to improve your home the way you should you’re going to need to set some money aside to really get the job done the right way. You could save some money on your home improvement projects by perfoming them yourself, but if you’re in a hurry to sell your home then you may want to consider hiring a professional.
There are several ways you can borrow the money needed for quick home improvements, but some methods of financing a big home improvement project are much easier than others. Here are some of the more common ways of paying for large home upgrades in order from easiest to most difficult to attain.
The easiest way to actually pay for a large home improvement project is to have the money on hand already. Not a lot of people have thousands of dollars hanging around but many people do have items they can sell to raise some money. You could sell old tools, a boat, a car or simply go through your basement and sell items online all to raise the money you need to pay for a home improvement project. Depending upon what you have to sell this could either be the easiest or most difficult way to finance a home improvement project.
Home improvement store credit cards are another way to pay for smaller home improvement projects, usually totally ten thousand dollars or less. Getting a credit card from a hardware store is usually not very difficult even if you have questionable credit. The problem with cards like this is that they can sometimes have high interest rates and high fees if you aren’t careful. To get a home improvement store credit card you usually just have to fill out a single form from the store.

You can also use the equity in your home to get a home improvement loan. You could take out a home equity line of credit, a home equity loan or even a second mortgage based on your needs. These types of financing are more difficult than a credit card to obtain and they’re dependent upon you having enough equity in your home to qualify for them. Most of these types of loans carry an initial fee of a couple hundred to several thousand dollars and there are usually closing costs and inspections to go through as well.
The most difficult type of loan to get for a home improvement project is probably a loan directly from a bank without putting anything up for collateral. To get a loan like this you’ll probably want to present the bank with detailed improvement plans, quotes from one or several contractors and proof of steady income. Different banks offer different types of home improvement loans and some may be more willing to work with you than others.
Generally, it is easier to pay for home improvement projects by selling things or having the cash on hand than it is to apply for any sort of home improvement loan. Home improvement credit cards are easy to obtain and good for small projects, home equity loans are good for larger projects if you have the equity in your home and straight bank loans are usually the most difficult loans to obtain for home improvement purposes.


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