Eco Friendly House Plans

Everyone talks about how we must conserve our environment. Everyone says that we should follow the three Rs: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. But that’s all everyone does: ‘talks’ and ‘says’. Think about it, apart from talking, do we actually DO anything to help preserve our natural resources? Do we take appropriate measures to see that we will not waste the naturally available energy that we have? And do we stop ourselves from using materials and items that we know are detrimental to nature? Nature has given us so much, and we’ll never be able to pay her back. Here’s your chance. If you’re thinking of getting a new home, or are on the brink of a complete renovation, then think about revamping your home with a modern, yet eco friendly house plan. How? Well, just read ahead to know.

Eco Friendly House Designs

When it comes to helping the environment, the amount spent or the scale does not really matter. Even if it is a small plan that you’re planning to adopt, you can rest assured that the tiny steps you take will definitely go a long way in conserving and protecting the environment. Given below are some steps that you can take within and outside your home to transform it into an energy efficient home that will help the environment.

Material for Building

One of the first things that you need to take into account while devising an eco friendly plan for your home is the material that you will use for building it. While you may not be able to use all sustainable material, you can definitely make an effort to use material like wood that can be recycled or has already been recycled. Another material that you can use is rubber that has been recycled. You can use them for the flooring. They do not use carbon in their manufacture, so they are friendly to the environment.

Appliances Inside the Home

Once your house is ready, you need to begin the planning of the inside the house. This includes the appliances that you need around the house. Just because you want to help the environment does not mean you cannot enjoy the same durables. Just have some solar panels installed for things like cooking and heating of the home. For cooking, you can have solar powered cookers and for heating water, there is an array of solar water heaters available in the market. There are also solar ovens that may be a little expensive, but a good investment nonetheless. The method of garbage disposal that you use can also have an eco friendly twist. Instead of waiting for the garbage disposal van everyday, you can keep organic and inorganic waste separately. Use the organic waste in your garden or you can burn it and channel the smoke to generate heat inside your home.

Decoration Within the Home

Next, you can begin with the eco friendly interior decorating of your home. The first step is to use eco friendly paint to paint your house. Next comes the furniture. Did you know that there is something like eco friendly furniture? Well, now you do. So go ahead and get yourself some cane or bamboo furniture. Avoid plastic or metal since you’re aiming at an eco-friendly plan. For decoration within your home, plants are the best option. Nothing spells environment friendly better than a number of lush green houseplants here and there.

Exterior of the Home

Don’t leave the outside of your home either. There are many ways you can maintain an eco friendly exterior for your home. First, there is the option of having a sprawling garden using only organic materials and methods. Then there’s the different types of fences that you can use. Bamboo privacy fences are perfect for an eco friendly plan. There are also solar electric fences available that run on solar power and are useful for security purposes. For lighting, you have the option of solar powered garden lighting. You can use these solar lights even inside your home.

As you can see, coming up with eco friendly house plans is not difficult. You can come up with your own ways of efficiently using the materials that are naturally available, to do something for the environment. Save water, save energy, and the future generations will know exactly why we did it.

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