Fellow vegans: do you share your home with companion animals?

If not: why is it that you chose not to share your home with companion animals?

If so: how many animals do you share your home with and why did you choose them?

(I'm just curious to see what “Joe Q. Public – Vegan Style” thinks of the issue of companion animals, seeing as different vegan groups seem to have differing opinions on whether or not companion animals are a “good” thing….)

Thanks in advance for your answers, and my apologies if I posted this in the wrong area 🙂

My companions are two sugar gliders. I just got them in the beginning of September. My boyfriend and I live together in a small apartment. We both want dogs but think it would be unfair to them in such a small space. So we are waiting to move some place with more room before we own dogs. But because we wanted a little companion so much we started giving serious consideration to owning sugar gliders ever since I had pulled up an adorable YouTube video of them. We did a lot of research to make sure we were making a good decision and that we could properly care for them before we finally decided. They are wonderful, playful, and sweet little pets.

As a vegan, I've read different opinions on owning pets. The conclusion I came to was this: As long as you provide your animals with what they need and give them loving homes, I don't see a problem. No, animals aren't in their natural habitat if they're in your house, but in comparison they're living a life of luxury (again, when they are properly taken care of and not abused, neglected, etc). There are obviously vegans who would argue that no one should have ANY kind of animal as a pet, but I think that's absurd. What if everyone suddenly agreed to that right now and dumped all their pets in nature? It wouldn't work out very well for them. Years and years of breeders breeding animals in very specific ways have made domestication the only way for dogs and cats to really have a place in society. Again, not all breeds would fair well in the wild.

With my sugar gliders being an “exotic” pet, the situation changes a bit. But I know that I'm giving them a good home and spoiling them.

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