Feng Shui Colors for Writers: DIY Blue Home Office Decor

Writers can improve the flow of ideas and their stream of writing when they incorporate Feng Shui colors and decorating ideas into a blue home office decor. This DIY Blue home office decor idea focuses on aqua blues, light blues and blues for ceilings. There are also tips on where to incorporate darker blue hues in the Feng Shui home office.

Feng Shui Colors for Writers: DIY Blue Home Office Decor

Blue in Feng Shui Design

Blue represents the element of water in Feng Shui design. Blue encourages release, which is what writer’s need to avoid writer’s block.

Why Blue for Writers?

The color blue, like the water it represents, is soothing. Writers can create a peaceful and calming space in their home office when they paint and decorate with blues.

In Feng Shui, blue is also a color which helps you gain wisdom. It’s also the Feng Shui color used for learning settings. Writing is about learning, and about exploring. Writing is an internal practice that involves taking and adventure with yourself.

Blue encourages higher thought and inner wisdom.

For these reasons, blue is an ideal Feng Shui color for a home office for writers.

Which Shades of Blue?

Which shade of blue should you choose for your Feng Shui home office if you are a writer? Combining Feng Shui principles, color psychology and color theory, here are the some ideas for creating a Feng Shui home office if you are a writer.

People working in creative fields, including writing will be at home in a shade of bluish-green. Bluish-green colors are peaceful and relaxing, creating a home office conducive to writing.

While a bluish-green color can be soothing, it can also be too relaxing. Add contrast to the room with orange accents. Orange is the complementary color of blue. Or, add some black elements to encourage flow of energy and thought.

Light Blues

A light blue ceiling may help you think deeper and write better. Technical writers and medial writers may benefit from a ceiling tinted with a white ceiling tinted with a hint of cool blue.

Aqua Blue

Aqua blue is a fun and playful blue that can be used in Feng Shui design for writers working on comedies or children’s books. The aqua is lighthearted, which will translate into your writing.

Purplish Blues

A true Feng Shui color is purple. Purple is also associated with enlightenment, prosperity and creativity. All of these are desirable for a writer.

Add Orange for Contrast and Fire

Blue should not be overwhelming in a home office for writers. Too much blue will make you too relaxed and even lethargic. Incorporate balance with splashes of black or deep browns. Add fire and energy in the form of a reddish-orange. Orange is a traditional complement of blue, and will work well. Add an orange table lamp or a an orange picture frame to your home office.


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