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The use of color is an important element in feng shui. Feng shui colors refers to making specific color choices in your home, office, or living space to generate a specific kind of energy or focus in your mind and your life in that specific space.

When you remodel or decorate, use colors that will elicit the kind of mood and feeling you desire in that space.For instance, the colors you use in your bedroom should likely be very different than the colors used in your office. Your bedroom should be a place of calm and serenity, your office should stimulate your mind, attract prosperity and and project confidence.

Employing the use of a color chart, or Feng Shui Bagua can be very helpful as you plan out your home and/or office spaces. Colors are typically divided into two hemispheres on the feng shui color chart-but it’s not just a simple division between warm and cool colors like you might see on a traditional color chart. The two groups of color in feng shui are referred to as the yin and the yang.

Yin refers to colors that promote relaxation and healing. They are calming colors that elicit a tranquil environment. These colors would be very appropriate for decorating a bedroom, a spa, a doctor’s office, or a massage therapy salon. Not coincidentally, the color blue-which is associated with water and sky-is a very yin color. Likewise, green-which brings to mind plants and growth-is a yin color.

Yang, on the other hand, refers to colors that stimulate and motivate. They energize and spur us on. These colors are very appropriate for spaces that require a high energy level, drive, and ambition. However, it should be noted that, as with all things in feng shui, these colors should be used in moderation to avoid over stimulation or feelings of hyperactivity or discontent. Yang colors include red, orange, and yellows … the colors found in fire.

Remember that a large part of feng shui and utilizing feng shui colors in your decorating is about achieving balance and harmony. Knowing the meanings of particular colors according to feng shui rules can help you do this.

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For instance, here are some feng shui colors and their corresponding meaning or symbolism:

• Blue – healing, love, faith, honor, truth, peace, tranquility, adventure, trustworthiness
• Black – money, success, power, strength, emotional protection, new beginnings, the end of conflict
• Purple – spiritual awareness and mental and physical healing, truth, passion, creativity
• White – purity, confidence, poise
• Brown – reliability, faithfulness
• Navy blue – wisdom and intellect
• Yellow – friendliness, openness, warmth, honor, prestige, but also stubbornness
• Orange – creativity, organization, lofty aspirations
• Gold – good luck
• Gray – disharmony, lack of balance (avoid this)
• Green – growth, wealth, and money, but also dishonesty, infidelity, and envy
• Red – good luck, high energy, emotion, temper

As you can see, most colors have both positive and negative attributes. This is the primary reason for balance and harmony. Excessive use of any one color can create discord in your living space.

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