Feng Shui Elements

All Required to Achieve the Positive Energy Your Home Needs

There are five feng shui elements that comprise the basis of feng shui principles. Each is a natural element. The five elements are:

Feng Shui Elements

Water • Wood • Earth • Metal • Fire 

Each one of these particular elements has specific properties. Decorating according to feng shui principles involves utilizing items from each of these elements in your home or office space in conjunction with the kind of energy you want to feel in that particular space. It’s all about creating a healthy balance of energy and a good flow of positive energy (referred to as chi). Here are some of the feng shui basics relating to the elements.

Let’s start by identifying the different properties associated with each element. Then we can consider where we might want to incorporate more or less of this element in our living space. Finally, we can also consider how each individual element is associated with specific areas of your life and specific colors, as well, as a means to incorporate more of this element into a specific space.

WATER Water is fluid and mobile. As such, it is associated with communication, opportunity, and networking. It is also necessary for life and thus is associated with healing and energy in a positive way. Similarly, water is often associated with abundance, calm and peacefulness, tranquility, freshness, and purity.

Water is the element most closely associated with your career or life path, so when you want to focus on that—or in areas where you want that to be your focus—try introducing a water element. For instance, you could add a water fountain to your office. The colors associated with the water element include blue and black. Black is also a color associated with power and advancement, so this is also a good color to incorporate into your office.

WOOD Wood is the next of the feng shui elements. Wood is solid, sturdy, and strong.In feng shui, it is believed to foster the development of the creative thought process, to motivate, and to inspire. It is also associated with passion, continued growth-since wood is a naturally growing resource that continues to regenerate itself, and with vitality and energy.

The areas of your life that relate to the wood element of feng shui are family ancestors and wealth. Incorporating wood into your home and office brings in this type of positive energy. It makes you think of strong, positive influences in your own life. The colors associated with wood in the feng shui elements chart are brown and green.

EARTH The earth is a constant, permanent, solid place. Similarly, in feng shui basics, the earth element is associated with permanence, stability, and the family home. In the most chaotic or volatile of environments, introducing earth elements can help ground you and bring you “back to earth,” so to speak. There are actually three areas of your life that relate to the earth element in feng shui: Your health, your relationships, and your knowledge/awareness level.

After considering the ideas associated with this element, its importance is almost self-explanatory. When things in life feel uncertain or are in a state of upheaval, we need to place a priority on our relationships, our health, and becoming grounded in knowledge. Light yellow, beige or cream, and shades of sandy or earthy colors represent the earth element-and utilizing these colors in any areas where you want to increase stability, health and well being, or effective learning is a positive choice.

METAL Feng shui elements like metal relate to several attributes of precious and not-so-precious metals. They are typically strong, sometimes precious and rare, they transmit energy, and they can be very beautiful. Metal draws attention, and sometimes we draw strength from metals. In our lives, the metal feng shui element relates to our friends and the guides in our lives as well as to children and creativity. All of these areas relate to a high level of energy, precious gifts, and the things that give us strength. Sharpness, clarity, and precision are also attributed to metal.

In addition to the obvious choices such as real metals-gold, silver, copper, and the like-white and gray are both colors associated with the metal element. However, some feng shui color experts suggest that since gray is a combination of both black and white and is neither here nor there, yin nor yang, it should be avoided.

FIRE Fire is a powerful thing-powerful in its ability to help and also powerful in its ability to destroy, depending on the circumstances. So it should come as no surprise that fire is the most powerful of the feng shui elements, as well. It stands for passion, energy, and potentially danger. In our lives, the fire element is associated with fame and our aspirations. When we have aspirations, we are passionate about them. But when we achieve fame, we face potential danger in the power we now possess, as well.

Fire should always be handled with care. Colors like red, orange, bright yellow, pink, and purple are all associated with the element of fire in feng shui. They can bring remarkable energy, enthusiasm, and passion to wherever you introduce them. But again, use them wisely and with care.

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Remember, introducing feng shui elements in decorating isn’t just about incorporating one of the elements. It requires all five in some way, shape, or form to create all of the positive energy you need. And you need to incorporate them in ways that provide balance and harmony for your life.

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