From Start To Finish – The Full Construction Process For A Home Remodel & Addition

Have you ever wondered about the process of remodeling your home? Many of our clients can’t wait to have the remodeled home of their dreams, but they have co…

remodel home

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Updated: November 25, 2013 — 5:23 pm


  1. Good video, annoying music.

  2. Wow! what was the room measurement on that new room? (not the sq ft, but
    actual measurements)

  3. LongLocks – 25 x 30 for the addition. The actual project size for the
    interior was 15 x 50. It’s a beautiful home!

  4. Nice work. How do you insulate the crawl space? Seems like they are tricky
    to keep from getting condensation.

  5. How long did this project take to complete?

  6. Maynardwaltrip = The entire project took 5 months, including the exterior
    work! Andrew3p1 = Yes, we did thoroughly insulate all new and existing
    spaces. What particular location did you have questions about!

  7. Hi AK. Just wondering where the line of insulation is for the crawl space.
    At the floor between the living area and the crawl space? Or is it at the
    floor & perimeter wall of the crawl space. Reason I ask is I have friends
    who have moisture & mold problems with theirs and I am looking for insights
    on how to help them fix the problem. Thanks.

  8. @andrew3p1 – We posted a picture on our Facebook page of the insulation
    from this project, in the area you’re referring to. Let us know if this
    helps answer your questions. It can show you everything we did! Find the
    picture on Facebook by searching for AK Home Renovations!

  9. Great Reno guys/gals. Hope to get to do jobs like this soon.

  10. This is not HGTV – A real remodel takes more than 30 minutes and it can be
    messy! But AK makes sure the process is as enjoyable as possible for the
    homeowners. Nearly all of our clients tell us, “Wow! That was easier than I
    thought!” And the results are always even better than their highest

  11. Nice work… good luck.

  12. private personal concierge

    Love the work and music!

  13. It is the time of a new entuxiasm:) I have no house to make or remake:) but
    this video with my old ROCK is wonderful!!! My best Happy New Year to
    ATLANTA People:)

  14. i wish it was this easy and quick adding a portion of the house i would
    readily do it.

  15. that is the most badest music i do not like it

  16. I imagine how richer are the other countries of making their house more
    elegant, do i need to work on other countries to save money and make a
    beautiful house like every family have on other country. Your lucky you
    wouldn’t need to sleep on the floor or even watching t.v on your neighbor’s

  17. It was already nice to me

  18. pics r fine get rid of that bubble sounding damn music…

  19. VersaceVersaceVersace VersaceVersace

    do yall actually buy the furniture or do u rent it and when somebody buy
    the house you take it back

  20. I would have been more then happy to life in the house before the
    renovation. But it does look beautiful after.

  21. Can anyone tell me how much the cost of building a house of this size?

  22. nice video!

  23. Ilovebrowniechannel

    If you have enough money to remodel, you might as well buy a new house!

  24. Hate the song is annoying

  25. You just had to use that Elvis music?

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