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Gardening pots are the perfect choice if you live in an apartment or condo or have a south facing room with lots of windows, but also it’s a good idea if you want year-round herbs and veggies! Container gardening potscan be placed anywhere and can be moved instantly to a new or better location any time. Decorative pots can host upright plants and plain or even ugly pots can be used for vine-like draping ones.

You can buy gardening pots nearly everywhere and even get them for free in lots of places. Heck, you can even make them if you have the time. And, talk about shapes and sizes! If you are creative and adventurous, you might consider planting in old cast off items such as an old boot, a large lunch box, coffee cans with holes punched in the bottom, a bathroom sink, old cooking pots, a claw foot bathtub or even an old tyre!. Be careful, though, as vegetables and herbs need drainage and containers large enough for healthy root growth.

And, larger containers mimic nature more closely than small pots and hold moisture better.

If you’re planning an organic vegetable garden, and you should be, larger pots offer the control and range of options organic plants andvegetables require. Some herbs and spices might enjoy the cozy space of an old boot or even an antique coffee pot, but veggies need room to roam a little.

It’s a good idea, even if your pot or container has a drainage hole (or holes) to place an inch or so of small rocks or broken ceramic or similar on the bottom. This helps keep the drainage open and prohibits the soil from packing at the hole(s).

So, what kinds of veggies can you grow in pots? That depends on how aggressive you are and what you like. Basically, just think of the most outrageous salad you can make! Take a Saturday afternoon stroll through the garden area of a big box retailer, nursery or garden store. Look at the seedlings and the seeds (great photos on the packages) and think about all those vegetables you’d love to buy at the grocers and never did.

Here’s a sample of some of the things you can grow in gardening pots:

Radishes – Love cool, damp environments and grow quickly in pots. This plant tends to grow well with carrots and others.

Carrots – Grow slowly, but “baby carrots” grow faster and can be grown with radishes.

Eggplant – Grow large and may need to be held up. Slender ones like “Slim Jim” or “Bambino” work well in pots.

Onions – The best option here is green or bunched varieties. Clip off what you want, when you want.

Cucumbers – Grow best in large containers where they can spread out (alone). Lots of varieties from which to choose.

Green Beans – Need some sort of trellis to climb, but produce food for several months. Pick a handful for lunch or dinner at a time!

Peppers – Grow inside or out and you’ll get peppers all year. There are sweet, hot and really hot peppers.

Lettuce – Loves to grow in pots and will for months. You can pick off the outer leaves whenever you want and the lettuce will just keep on growing. Best are “Bibb” or “Salad Bowl”.

Tomato – Large varieties need water, large pots and supports, but “Cherry” tomatoes, and small varieties can be grown like hanging vines.

Squash – Come in vine or bush varieties, which are better for pots. Zucchini offers the most choices.

There are lots more eatables you can grow indoors or outdoors in pots and containers and lots of varieties within each group. The fun part of all this is to experiment. Who knows? You might just discover a veggie you absolutely love that you didn’t even know existed!

Start your quest by searching garden pots or container grown vegetablesusing the Bing Custom Search Box located on the right. I think I’ll go make myself a salad right now!.

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