Gold Coins Found During Remodel

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Updated: December 18, 2013 — 6:36 am


  1. Just shows you how clueless people are about the gold and silver bull
    market and price rises to come. First he trusts it to a bank safety deposit
    box, then he’s selling to build a kitchen.LOL Fool.

  2. What an awesome find

  3. those coins are only worth $20,000 in the low end of condition. I’d get
    another opinion. Get yourself a Red Book pal!

  4. he gets 20k in gold and puts a 25 cent coin what the fuk

  5. Good for you that it was coins you found, and not ten 20-dollar bank

  6. You never know what you’re going to find if you look in the right places…

  7. checkfoldcallraise

    boy i don’t know what i’d do if found those. i certainly wouldn’t put it in
    someone elses vault. One day i went into my bank looking for dollar coins
    expecting to get some copper “golden dollars” and the teller actually said,
    “I have these big dollars but they’re really old. I don’t know if you’d
    want them.” She had in her hand a Morgan silver dollar and three Peace
    silver dollars. They are badly tarnished but I was so excited to get them.
    they still sit in my safe from like 4 months ago.

  8. he thinks the value comes from the coin being old, lol when in fact those
    coins are common and only value it has is its gold value not rarity lol.
    that steel 25 cent is only gonna devalue down to the value of its metal,
    steel is worthless.

  9. thats like leaving an extra steel nail in the walls, lol what a guy

  10. selling the metal for paper… wow congrats…

  11. If i found 10 solid gold coins while rebuilding a house, noone would EVER

  12. ….. a bank actually had some morgans just sitting around??

  13. just the one plus the peace dollars but yes apparently someone had
    deposited the coins and the teller just kept them in her drawer. She
    doesn’t know what they’re worth and of course I put on my poker face and
    kindly asked for those coins plus some regular golden dollars to spend with
    lol. Maybe one day I’ll sell them but they are cool to have.

  14. I have 8 my grandmother left me, I cant sell them of course because of
    sentimental value and such, but I always keep one of them with me, if
    anything I show them to my friends who are absolutely dumbfounded by the
    weight and artistic design and begin to understand precious metals being a
    near-constant stability vs paper monies.

  15. Very nice find

  16. I have 2 five dollar gold pieces someone set in 14k gold cufflinks.I wished
    they had left coins alone, but it is still lot of gold.

  17. Cheap bastard why would you leave a quarter????

  18. The coins are safer where they were.

  19. It’s an old Irish and Scottish custom to put coins in a new house when
    built, I guess for good luck, my grandfather had them stuck all through my
    walls, nickels, dimes and quarters.

  20. It’s an old Scandinavian custom too to put coins in a house when Building.
    Usually in the corner between Foundation and wall. Can’t remember which
    corner though. If it mattered at all!

  21. That’s interesting…I didn’t know that. Thanks for commenting!

  22. You find $20 k in gold coins and leave a shitty steel quarter for the next
    lucky homeowner. I thought at least it was going to be silver. Nice fu**kin

  23. Dont put them in your safe deposit bank. The Government will steal them if
    they ever, repossess Gold coins and only give you 35$ per coin instead of
    $1400. Your safe deposit box is the first place they will look, regardless
    of what the banks will tell you. Golf is predicted to go way up, for your
    information so I wouldn’t sell ANY of them!!!

  24. That guy is a retard. Finds gold and brags it to the media so everyone
    knows he has it and shows his face. Then leaves a worthless coin to someone

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