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The talented international awards winner, Master Kenny Hoo (www.GoodFengShui.com), shares with our readers the following useful Good Feng Shui tips and predictions for year 2008.

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FENG SHUI is an ancient Chinese practice in harnessing the natural forces created in the surrounding environment to bring about good fortune, prosperity, harmony and to achieve a better quality of life.


2008 is an Earth Rat year. Some refer to the year 2008 as a ¡°Blind Year¡± because the arrival of Spring (Feb 4th, 2008) falls before the Lunar New Year in 2008 (Feb 7th, 2008).

According to hearsay, during the ¡°Blind Year¡±, we should not perform any major events such as renovation, moving house, marriage, conceiving, etc. Such information is actually incorrect. Major events like these can still be carried on so long they are done during selected auspicious dates.


Over thousands of years, the Spring Ox Chart (shown above) has been used by the farmers in China to provide guidelines and forecasts, especially as to weather conditions. This is useful in agricultural activities and planning.

The Spring Ox chart for 2008 indicates that it will be a turbulent year. Rain, flood and landslide will be more frequent from early February to early July. In the second half of the year, there will be a drought. A long period of low rainfall, may adversely affects growing and living conditions.

Besides that, famine, disaster and outbreaks of contagious diseases will be more prevalent in 2008.


In the previous Good Feng Shui annual article for 2007, I wrote that: ¡°From a more positive point of view, the ruling 2-Black star aggregates the Earth element. Hence, property related sectors will experience a boom era in 2007¡°, and ¡°2007 carries heavier Fire and Earth elements. We foresee that in this particular year, property sector will soar to greater heights.¡±

Yes and true enough, from Malaysia, Singapore to China, we experience a historic high record in the property sector.

I also wrote in the Good Feng Shui article for 2007, ¡°We foresee more legal cases¡­in 2007¡±. Yes, we witnessed these events occurred in locally and overseas. For example,

¡°Lawyers protest against Musharraf¡± (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/6441133.stm)

¡°Malaysian lawyers hold rare protest in capital¡± (http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/09/26/asia/AS-GEN-Malaysia-Judicial-…)

And the unexpected ¡°Hindraf¡± rally cum protests in Malaysia¡­

I also wrote in the 2007 article, ¡°There will be prominent people in high positions stepping down this year¡±. How about these, involving figures from two of the most prominent countries in the world?

¡°Blair will stand down on 27 June¡± (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/6639945.stm)

¡°Abe announces he will resign¡± (http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20070912x1.html)

The above are some of the examples on how the yearly Flying Stars affect us.


2008 is a year of the Earth Rat, according to the Tong Shu almanac, the yearly ruling star is the number ¡°1¡± White Water auspicious star.

The number ¡°1¡± White star is the ¡°ruling party¡± in 2008. From the Feng Shui point of view, it is an auspicious set of energy and the carries Water element.

The Number ¡°1¡± White Water star represents intellective, scholastic, wisdom, fame, relationships, love affairs, traveling, moving, patience and aggressiveness.

From the health point of view, it represents the kidney and the urinary system. In 2008, diseases relating to influenza, the nose, eyes, ears, urethra, womb, ovary and dystocia will be more prevalent.

The ¡°1¡± White star represents voluptuary. Especially for those whom were born during winter season, or those whose Life-Gua is Kan (¿²ØÔ), they may need to exercise more precaution in matters pertaining to the sexual and fertility systems. Excessive night life may trigger unexpected health problems.

The ¡°1¡± White star also represents love affairs, romance and relationship. Therefore, marriages, third-party affairs will be more prevalent in 2008. Problems in marriage or relationships, including sex scandals will be more frequent.

2008 will be a year with full of innovations, speculations and short-term opportunities and risks. A wiser management of business and personal wealth is important in order to avoid any loss and to gain the maximum from the opportunities.


The auspicious sectors in 2008 are the East, Southeast and Center sectors.

Great wealth arrives at the East sector in 2008. Despite short-terms ups and downs, generally China and the eastern countries will continue to perform well in 2008.

A water feature can be placed at the East sector of the house, during a pre-selected auspicious date and time, to further activate the auspicious force, especially for wealth luck.

As for the Southeast sector, one can place some red- or yellow-coloured items, or red light, to further enhance the yearly positive force which brings about plenty of innovations, creativities and good fortune in career and business. One can place a yellow lamp 24-hourly at this sector of the house. If the main door is located at the Southeast sector, place a piece of red or yellow floor mat in front of the main door. This step will further enhance the positive forces in this sector which is able to generate lots of happy events in the year.

The Center is occupied by the number ¡°1¡± White ruling star. It carries lots of good fortune in love, romance, wisdom and wealth. We should ensure that the center of the house is clean and tidy at all times. To further enhance the wealth and romance fortunes, we recommend decorating the center of the house with a white or blue colour tone, perhaps using items such as floor mats, tiles, curtains, or carpets.

Some “commercial” Feng Shui masters may suggest various types of costly crystals or some forms of statues to be placed in certain sectors of their recommendation. However, with GOOD FENG SHUI

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