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In your search for help for acne what you will find in many instances is a lot of useless worthless so called remedies the really do little to cure acne or any of the symptoms. However there are actually very effective steps to control and even cure your acne.

Now some of those so called acne remedies just did nothing for me.I tried them all, and for the most part they really did little or nothing. However I finally found a acne home remedy that actually provided me with my first positive results. This system worked for me and I am hoping it will work for you

I had suffered with acne since my teens and ,believe me I was tired of acne. I had suffered long enough, and I intended to do something about it. I started a search to find some remedy, some kind of a cure to rid me of my acne.I searched and and I studied. I tried all the different steps to try and be acne free. Most revealed very few if any results. But i kept reading and researching looking for what might be an answer, a perfect acne home remedy. Then I started reading about the findings of a doctor in 1933. A Dr Manard who was giving his acne suffering patient high doses of vitamin D. He started his treatment in October of 1935 and by February the patient who had endured acne for several years was now cured and completely healed.The dosage of vitamin D was about 5,000 to 14,000 IU of the vitamin.

It should also be noted that the sunlight causes a synthesis of vitamin D in the skin. Sunlight is one of the best acne home treatments available, and a wonderful help for acne. The synthesis actually provides a very special type of a vitamin D. It is very important to note that yes milk has vitamin D, and calcium, but all dairy products should be strictly off limits. Dairy products contain harmful steroids and growth hormones. The Chinese were finding steroids in the Olympians and finally figured out it was actually coming from the food. The dairies and other food producers are adding it to produce more and more product. Do not consume dairy products. If nothing else maybe you could just stay away from dairy for a short while and see if you acne improves, see if it gets much better, kind of a personal experiment. But I suggest just staying away.  Another very good practice is to take calcium. Calcium is a very important ingredient used in your treatment of acne. calcium also contains up to 70 other trace minerals important to good health of our bodies.

I have also personally realized the importance of using a benzoyl peroxide on my face twice daily. It can hardly be doubted the benefits of using benzoyl peroxide. I has been widely documented and a proven acne fighter. I suggest washing the face gently and applying the benzoyl peroxide generously, and then allowing to air dry, do this routine twice a day. This system provides excellent help for acne.  

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