Home Automation – An innovation of recent times

Home automation has become a trendsetter and has attracted many home owners towards it. Today, people are looking for advanced means to add an effective automation system in their home. It is just to make things automatic inside the home like house work and household activity. Unlike the previous time, homes of 21st centuries are expected to be more self- controlled and automated. For this reason Home Automation has been introduces. This system includes many factors such as centralized lighting control, HVAC (Heat, ventilation and Air Conditioning), appliances, security locks, which provides comfort and security and also proves out to be energy efficient. Importantly, this system provides a better quality of life to elders and disabled people.

Generally, home automation has 3 logical levels:
Topmost layer being the input or sensor layer, which receives input signal, may be from sensors, limit switches, remote controls
Next comes the Control Layer – this unit performs the actions depend upon the input values and control program specified by the user.
Finally the Actuator layer, the control layer sends the output command to this actuation layer. This further sends commands to the real world systems like Lights, HVAC, security systems etc.
Cost mainly depends upon equipment, components, furniture, and custom installation. Original cost includes electricity to run control systems, maintenance cost for control and networking systems, and troubleshooting. Some applications use USB port that is for control and connection to a domestic network. Protocol bridges convert the information from one standard to another, for example- from x10 to European Installation Bus (EIB)

The elements of Home Automation System may include temperature/light or other kind of sensors in input layer and control devices, such as computer or any other controller in control layer and valves, switches, motors etc in Actuator layer. Apart from these, there are other simple devices such as providing timers to turn on the tea-maker every morning exists from last few years. Imagine you are being greeted in the home when you walk in, by light illuminating your path without you even touching the switch, with your favorite music streaming through speakers in whichever room you enter. And have a sigh of relief by knowing automated system took care of activating your home security system. And also for the works like watering the garden, sprinkler can be set to do its duty everyday at specific time. Popularity of home automation has been increasing largely in recent years because of higher affordability and simplicity through smart phone and tablet connectivity.
As the number of controllable devices in the home rises, interconnection and communication becomes a useful and desirable feature. In this way Home automation system makes our lives better.

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