Home Buying Check List Guide

Are You Considering Buying a Home? Buying a home is an important decision to undertake. When buying a home to achieve success there is a requirement of a few key home buying elements stated for you in this check list guide.

Buying a Home

Check List Guide

Home Exterior

Landscaping Grading

· · Does the ground around the homes foundation slope away from the house?

· · Make sure the water does not pond in swales. To check, water the areas around the home with a hose, if possible around the homes exterior.

· · Are there signs of erosion?

· · Is large shrubbery placed at least 2-3 feet from the foundation of the home?

Roof and Gutters of the Home You Are Considering Buying

· · Are the shingles flat and tight as you look up at the home?

· · Is the flashing (Metal where roof meets home) secured?

· · Do the gutters, downspouts and splash blocks direct water away from the home?

The Homes Exterior Appearance

· · Are the windows and doors sealed and protected by weather-stripping?

(This prevents water from entering the home)

· · Are the door and window’s trim and fittings tight? Check for cracks as you check each exterior door on the home you are considering buying?

· · Does the painting of the trim cover the surface and trim smoothly as each door is checked?

· · Has landscaping been installed according to the terms of your homes contract?

Doors and Windows (Home Buying Check List)

· · Are all doors and windows sealed?

· · Do windows and doors open and close well?

· · Does any glass need replacement? Cracks or loose glass?

Checking Home Finishes (Painting and Varnishing)

· · Is the painting satisfactory? Check all rooms, closets and stairways of the home you are considering buying keeping in mind furniture locations and that closets are filled with clothes.

· · Are there spots missed by the painter needing touch up?

· · Is all trim and molding installed through the house?


· · Is the carpet tight to walls with nice seams?

· · Are there any ridges or seam gaps in vinyl tile or linoleum?

· · Are the wooden floors properly finished?

Appearance is the main factor when buying a home.

Are there a few defects? When buying the home and the price is right, consider over looking minor items.

The Homes Appliances, Fixtures, and Surfaces

· · Do your appliances work properly? Check each appliance of the home you are considering buying and each and every one of the appliances functions.

· · Are the appliances the color and model you ordered?

· · Check the faucets and plumbing fixtures. Does each one work properly including toilets and showers?

· · Check electrical fixtures and outlets.

· · Do the homes heating, cooling and water heating units operate properly? Test them to make sure.

· · Does the home have a fireplace? Do the draft and damper work properly?

· · Are there nicks, scratches, cracks or burns on surfaces that need attention of the home you are buying?

· · Does the doorbell work? Remember to also test the intercom system, garage door opener and optional items if included with the home.

Basement and Attic Check List for Buying Homes

· · Are there indications of leaks or dampness?

· · Significant cracking of floors or homes foundation walls?

· · Defects in the basement of the homes exposed components like floor joists, I-beams, support columns, insulation, heating ducts, plumbing, electrical …?

NOTE: Being strong enough to ask questions and understand the process when buying a home if very important to your home buying success!

Certificate of Occupancy Check List

· · Has your local municipality signed off on your house?

Some problems may not be readily apparent during the homes walk-through. A professional home inspector might miss a few problems. Most house warranties cover problems that are the result of faulty workmanship. However, home warranties usually exclude problems that result from owner neglect or improper maintenance.

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this home buying check list guide as useful. I personally sincerely wish you the best and Home Buying Success!

Please read a short quote with me for when we do make mistakes.

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, you shall begin it well and serenely” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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