Home Depot Daytona Beach, Florida Hardware Store Review

Daytona Beach offers many hardware store options including Ace Hardware, Lowe’s and Home Depot as well as many smaller mom and pop style hardware stores throughout the area. Being in the remodeling business I find myself at the hardware store at least once a day and usually about 3 times or more a day. This is a review of my most recent trip to Home Depot in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Located on International Speedway Blvd. just off of Interstate 95, the Daytona Beach Home Depot is very convenient to get to if you are in the area. It’s actually the only Home Depot for quite a way in either direction north or south so for Ormond Beach residents and Daytona residents this is the Home Depot we all flock to.

Service at Home Depot in Daytona Beach, Florida

The service is the entire point in this review. After all, great service is what most stores are striving for but cannot seem to achieve. Having been to hundreds of different hardware stores throughout Florida, I can say that the service at this particular Home Depot is exceptional! Someone is always right there to show you where an item is, they’ll hunt items down from the stock room, make phone calls for you–the whole nine yards just to make sure that you (the customer) are happy!

This particular visit I went in there for a particular paint color that I needed to match–to a fifty year old house color. Anyone who knows remodeling knows that paint matching is not so easy to do–especially when you are trying to match 50 years of weathering! They did it though! It took a few tries and a few different brands of paint to get the look, but the Home Depot customer service representative made sure that it was an exact match before I left–and he charged me a flat (low grade) paint price rather than the additional fees for all the color matching and the higher quality paint that I got.

Atmosphere at Home Depot in Daytona Beach, Florida

The atmosphere in Home Depot is similar to most hardware stores in that they have just about any type of building supply that you could possibly ask for and if they don’t have an item they can usually order it or they will at least send you somewhere locally to get it. The aisles are very wide so it’s not hard to maneuver through the store and everything is well labeled so you can easily see signs from one end of the store to the other. This makes it especially easy to quickly navigate through the store and get what you need and get out. I don’t make money when I am shopping at Home Depot–the money is made when I am at the customer’s house working and the Home Depot trip is just a necessary part of the job–one that I don’t want to waste time at!

Home Depot–The Only Hardware Store in Daytona Beach Florida!

Well, it’s not the only hardware store in the city but it’s the only one that I will shop at most of the time. Anytime I need something in a hurry and can’t afford to spend time wandering around trying to find something–I hit the Home Depot! It’s a well managed store, the prices are competitive with other hardware and home improvement stores in the area and it’s got a real convenient location! You just can’t beat the Daytona Beach Home Depot!

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