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Using a seasonal home maintenance checklist can help you keep up with the routine maintenance your home needs. It’s simple and easy, but really should be done each season. Using the guide below will help you get ahead of problems which could cost you in the future!

Remember, your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make.

You don’t ignore those regular checkups and oil changes with your car or truck and you can’t afford to skip it here, either.

A home in disrepair loses value and, if repairs are left undone for too long, could cost much, much more to fix!. That’s why it would be wise to look into a local company like Long Island Roofing to get to those repairs before it’s too late.

Keep up the maintenance and the value of your home by following this home maintenance checklist throughout the seasons. Choose a day near the beginning of each particular season and make your rounds. Your home will thank you!

If you find something serious while making your rounds, search “your problem” (ie. dryrot, cracked foundation, roof leak, etc.) using the Google Custom Search Box (right) for more information on the problem and/or search YouTube for videos on fixing the problem.

Feel free to print this and use it each season!



The winter months can be particularly harsh on your home, which makes maintenance especially important during this season. Follow this home maintenance checklist to ensure you keep your home protected during the coldest part of the year.

• Replace filters for the cooling and heating systems in your home
• Oil the hinges and locks on your doors
• Tighten hinge and doorknob screws
• Inspect the sump pump (if you have one) and make any needed repairs
• Spend time in the attic inspecting for insects, birds or other pests
• Check along the corners and seams of the gutters and plug any leaks
• Look for wasp nests and have them removed (should be dormant now)
• Make sure downspouts and gutters are cleaned


After a long winter, you’ll want to check and make sure your home is still in good shape. You’ll also need to try to find out if any real damage occurred from the previous weather conditions. Sometimes water gets in places and freezes, expanding it, causing building materials to come apart or crack.

• Check exterior paint for cracks or wear
• Check the roof overhang, attic and decking for any water damage
• Have the cooling and heating systems serviced
• Replace the filters for the cooling and heating systems
• Check the caulking between ceramic tiles, indoors and out
• Re-caulk, if needed, around toilets, sinks and tubs
• Ensure seals on doors and windows show no cracking or breaks
• Change carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries
• Look at screens and windows for any problems. Clean the screens
• Inspect basement or crawl space for rot, leaks, termites and moisture
• Make sure downspouts and gutters are cleaned


Since summer brings about warmer months, it’s a good time to catch up on some of the things on the home maintenance checklist that require nice weather (ie. outdoor inspection). Here are several tasks you should complete during the warm summer months.

• Replace air conditioning and heating system filters
• Test the hot water heater pressure valve (carefully!)
• Check the walkways and driveway for any settling or cracks
• Make sure the vent on the hot water heater and dryer are free of debris
• Check out the roof to ensure there are no loose shingles or other damage
• Look for cracks in siding, trim, door frames, and window frames
• Check for any subsidence (caving in or sinking ground) near foundation
• Look for cracks in the walls or masonry
• Make sure downspouts and gutters are cleaned


The fall is a great time to start getting prepared for winter. You want your home in good shape so it can stand up to the colder winter months without a problem. Follow this home maintenance checklist to get everything done in the fall.

• Have the air conditioning and heating system serviced
• Look for leaks or problems in your plumbing. Make repairs, if needed
• Remove and store window installed air conditioners
• Check the seals on your doors and windows
• Ensure unvented gas heaters have the proper ventilation
• Change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries
• Check all electrical wiring for fraying, cracking or unusual wear
• Make sure downspouts and gutters are cleaned

By taking a little time to follow your home maintenance checklist you can help protect the value—the equity—of your home. Maintenance and cleaning are key to keeping your investment and your family safe. Keep this home maintenance checklist on hand so that you’ll be sure you stay on top of everything your home and property needs each season.

And, every season can be the right time to be thinking about green livingand maintaining your home in an environmentally responsible way. See how easy it can be by following the free advice offered here!

Listed below are other upkeep and maintenance projects we’ve been asked to address. New ones will be added as they come to our attention. If you have any suggestions, please send them here!




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