Home Office Decorating Ideas

When choosing a style or color for a home office it is important to determine what purpose the office serves and who is using it. Selecting the right combination of color, storage and accessories can greatly enhance the productivity and enjoyment of the space.


Here are some home office decorating ideas that can easily work in professional office environments as well…

How to Decorate a Creative Home Office

An office geared for creative types such as a graphic artist, interior designer or fashion designer (or even a family with budding Picassos), demands an equally creative space to keep projects orgainized and minds inspired.

  • Bright, inspirational colors in citrus shades (orange, lime, lemon) or personal favorites (like magenta or purple) can help keep creative minds in gear. On the other hand, when a designer has an abundance of materials and artwork on display, a spare, clean, white palette can help set off the colourful objects in the room. This helps artists focus on current projects and creates a constantly changing color scheme.
  • Consider eclectic furniture choices such as a vintage desk with a new, ergonomically correct chair. Vintage pieces can look attractive even with some wear and tear while high-tech items can reduce muscle strain and create an interesting juxtaposition.
  • Keep flooring and furniture easy to clean so work can be the focus and not the upkeep of the space. Ensure the layout provides lots of open storage solutions and table space for laying projects out and having materials close at hand.
  • Try color-coded filing systems such as bins on shelves, coloured files placed in a file hanger on the wall or painted bulletin boards to keep current project notes in sight and grouped together.

How to Decorate a Studious Home Office

Lawyers, doctors and students may prefer a serious study area that helps focus the mind and shut out daily activities.

  • Darker colors like olive, brick red and navy, paired with dark woods and bookcases sets the stage for studious thinkers and provides practical storage for books and files.
  • Providing a comfortable reading chair, along with proper task lighting, will allow the user to change positions during long research sessions – not just sit in front of the computer.
  • This is a great space to showcase awards, certificates and diplomas as a reminder of goals and accomplishments.
  • Add a personal touch. Plants, a fish bowl, family photos or artwork can bring a breath of fresh air into a space that can otherwise become too solemn or separate from the world.

How to Decorate a Calming Home Office

Therapists, masseurs, writers or anyone looking for an ‘oasis’ need a space that is tranquil and clutter free so minds and bodies can unwind.

  • Consider pairing softer, soothing colors of muted blues, pinks or greens or sandy neutrals, with light woods and cream upholstery for a soft, beach-inspired palette.
  • A complimentary patterned fabric on chairs or throw pillows can be used to break up the neutral setting and add interest. A subtle graphic pattern or a bright floral can personalize the space or coordinate it with other rooms in the house.
  • Consider placing the computer near a window to enjoy the benefits of natural light. Include a small couch or, in a smaller room, a pair of side chairs. This is a great place for clients and visitors to sit and talk.
  • Add luxury items such as fresh cut flowers, candles or even an espresso machine to make this room a favourite getaway or a place to enjoy private conversations.

Keys to Creating a Great Home Workspace

Whether or not an office has a whole room for itself, or is just a small nook in the bedroom, finding ways to make the space comfortable, practical and decorated in a style that is inspiring not only looks great, but helps the user focus on tasks and be more productive. A beautiful, productive home office is a great office.

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