Home Remedies for a Stomach Ache

(It should be noted that if you have persisting, intense pain or long-lasting diarrhea or vomiting, it would be best to visit a doctor to properly diagnose and treat your condition.)

Who would visit a doctor for a stomach ache? If you have just that and no further symptoms, then why bother? It would be a good time to utilize an over-the-counter medication, or you could simply use a home remedy. Every family has a home remedy for something, and they’re usually passed down from generation to generation. The stomach ache is probably one of the most common ailments in the world on a day-to-day basis due to the sensitive nature of the stomach. Naturally, there are many home remedies for one. One in particular in my family that has been used for generations, as well as to great success, is the use of pomegranate skins.

Whenever one of us had an upset stomach or another particular ailment (let’s just say it involves the rear end), my mother would boil some water and pour it into a mug containing dried pomegranate skins. It would taste terrible, bitter, but she swore it would help, and that her aunt had used this remedy for years. Sure enough, in every situation I can recall, after consuming the tea, my ailments would be cured, and if not totally cured, at least lessened. Why? I would think it had something to do with the natural anti-oxidants, as well as the pomegranate’s contents of things such as potassium and vitamin c. Whatever it may be, it has always worked for me and is a home remedy I continue to use.

Magazines and other publications have been praising pomegranates for years for their anti-oxidants and their positive effects. Many other claims have shown up over the years, including lowering the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Some have pointed out, however, that these cannot be verified, as some experiments or clinical trials were not carried out in ideal environments. Despite this, the benefits of fruit and other naturally occuring plants and vegetables should definitely be researched, as the benefits could be many.

Another remedy that may be used in conjunction with another is simply lying on your left side. When having fierce indigestion, I lied in a variety of ways and found this to be the most useful. Why? In this position, the esophagus is below the stomach, which helps prevent heartburn and indigestion. Using this with an antacid or other remedy can help lessen symptoms.







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