Home Remedies to make your nails grow faster?

Please can you suggest some natural home remedies to make my nails grow much faster, without it being too smelly (like garlic). Also, I don't want to go out and buy anything for it, so preferably things you can find in the house!

Thanks in advance.

i searched this on google cause i despretly need home remedys or something cause also ive just outgrown my nails-fake ones- cause i got them done and they grew but now as im like so dissapoited in myself as they're 'breaking' i dont think i bite them but thenever i play with them or slightly do something i fuck them up so bad that now im skrewed cause i also made a bet with my sister cause i said that if i bite them i give her £10 an now i need something and fast, ive even tryed hardening nail polish but i bite that off… ive heard that milk works like 2 pints a day like one im morning and night like its all about calcium even the multivitamins that my parents have i heard worked bt i dunno , hope tthat kindahelped, goodluck