Home Security System Monitoring

Why is monitoring of home security essential? Superior level of monitoring the home security is essential so that it will be easy for delivering the best protection for your home as well as for you family. If you have a home security system which does not have any sort of monitoring process, it will be similar to a telephone which does not possess any telephone services. Even though the phone is there with you, you will not hear any dial tone as you pick the phone since there is no service. In a similar fashion, if the home security system is not monitored properly, then if you have an emergency situation like intrusion or fire or some sort of threat to your family and home, then the emergency personnel will not respond as you do not possess any method for notifying them.

Working of Home Security Monitoring


The cellular backup acts as the guarantee for your home security. If the home security system you have is dependent on the traditional telephones, then the home security system and the telephones serve the same purpose. If the telephone lines are down, then the home security system will also become useless.

When you choose a home security system, go for a home security system that does not depend on the telephone for its functioning. This is because if you have a home security system that is linked to the telephone, the intruder may even cut the phone cables so that monitoring of the home security system will become difficult.

Ensure that the home security system is provided with cellular backup for ensuring proper monitoring. If the cables of your phone are down or are cut by an intruder, then the home security system transmits an alarm, even if your landline is not functioning. The cellular backup is transmitted on secure network of wireless phones which are completely separate and do not possess any relationship with the traditional phones you have.

With the benefits available from the cellular backup, you can a home security system which is very reliable. Such a system will be immune completely from the obstacles that we may face if we are using a home security system which is dependent on telephone lines.

Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification

The “Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification” is the hands-free technology which will provide you with the ability of communicating completely through the home in a direct way with the help of the speaker present in the monitoring station which will be centralized. If the home security system at your house detects any sort of intrusion, then the microphone as well as the speaker will be activated so that owner of the home can communicate with the centralized monitoring station directly. This monitoring of the home security system in a centralized fashion can be done only by the owner. This feature cannot be activated or deactivated by the company which provides the home security system or the centralized monitoring station remotely. So you can ensure that the home security system and you privacy is protected.

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