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Talk about home security systems and one is immediately reminded of the 1990 comedy movie ‘Home Alone’, and the plight of eight year old Kevin McCallister, played so brilliantly by Macaulay Culkin, left home all alone by mistake, who rigs his house up with booby traps to outwit the two house burglars.


While you need not go to quite those lengths, however, whether you are on vacation, at work, or even at home, one of the most important things you need to do is keep your home and personal belongings safe from vandalism, threat, and destruction from fire. There are many home safety products, ranging from hi-tech to low-tech, that will help in keeping your home protected and secure. While the home security systems discussed below may differ from company to company, their general features are more or less the same.

Security Systems for Homes

One of the most important home security products is an alarm system. These days, you get many varieties of alarm systems. The simplest type of alarm system sounds a siren when somebody enters the property unlawfully. In order to deactivate the alarm, you will need to enter a security code within a certain period of time. If on entering your house, you do not enter the code correctly, the alarm will detect your presence there as an intruder, and will go off. More advanced alarm systems have a motion detection feature, which triggers off the alarm if it detects any movement inside the house. There are also alarm monitoring systems that are offered by many security companies. These send a signal to the security company if an intruder is detected by the system. The security company then notifies the police. The alarm monitoring system therefore offers better security compared to a regular alarm as the police is alerted immediately.

Another quite effective home security system is a sensor light. If movement is detected outside the house, the sensor light gets turned on automatically. While this is more of a preventive device, nevertheless it can be quite useful. Apart from protecting your house, it will also protects your equipment outside and your car.

A safe is another product that you need to invest in. Although most of your expensive possessions should be kept in the bank, however, the valuables that you do keep at home will be safest in a safe.

Your home can be kept safe by installing audio and video home security equipment. There are various types available in the market, which you can set up both inside and outside your home. You get both wireless and regular wired cameras. Wireless cameras are better because you do not need to connect them to a receiving device. Cameras that are fitted outside are usually weatherproof. The video stream records everything which can be viewed on the security monitors. It is recorded either on a digital recorder or a VCR. The recordings can also be stored in the hard drive of a personal computer. Most of these video cameras have motion detectors in them which begin recording only when movement is detected.

And, of course, there are also various kinds of locks that you can go in for. Often, simply installing a good lock can be the best house security measure you can take. You will find a whole variety of locks to choose from, from simple regular locks to high-tech electronic ones.

Another essential home security product is a good fire alarm in the house. The monitoring services can monitor for both the possible threat of a fire as well as a medical emergency. There are various kinds of software packages that can be used to connect the security systems in your house with your computer, combining them into a single computerized system in order to manage them better. These days you can also get home automation hardware and software which allow you to turn off or on your home safety equipment when you are not at home.

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