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Let’s face it. Good home staging ideas are critical today and may even help you sell your home faster and for more money! The housing market has gone through some difficult times, but if you learn these home staging principles, you’ll be more likely to sell your home and get top dollar for it. If you’re unsure why staging is important, take a look at some of the reasons to stage your home and excellent tips that any do-it-yourselfer can do.


Why should you take the time to learn home staging? Is it worth it? Yes, it is worth your time and effort! Check out the following and learn how to implement proven home staging ideas on your home.

Reason #1 – Sell Your Home Faster – Experts say that a home that is properly staged will sell up to 50% faster than those that aren’t staged! When selling a home, time is money, so using these home staging ideas can be a huge benefit!.

Reason #2 – Enjoy a Higher Sales Price – Homes that are not staged can sell for up to 20% less than homes that are staged. If you don’t stage your home, you could lose thousands on the price. For instance, if your home is valued at $250K, you could make around $50,000 with proper staging!

Reason #3 – Realtors Will Show Your Home More – Realtors like to show properties that are attractive to buyers, as their commissions are at stake. Use these home staging ideas and your home will be high on the listof homes that agents want to show to buyers.

Reason #4 – Higher Appraisal – When your home is appraised, all that staging can pay off again. Your home is seen in a positive light when it has been attractively staged, which can lead to a higher appraisal.

Reason #5 – Stand Out Above the Competition – There is a lot of competition on the market today. However, if you learn home staging techniques—and use them effectively—it will help your home to stand out above the competition.


How much time should you be investing in implementing your home staging ideas? Usually spending a weekend or two on this project is the minimumamount of time you should spend. This process can take a bit of time and work, but all the benefits make it worth putting some time into it.

Remember, you could sell for up to 20% more if your home’s staged properly. That translates to $50,000 on a $250,000 home! That’s got to be worth a few weekends, no? Even half that is better than nothing.

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You know how important it can be to stage your home before putting it onthe market and you may wonder where to begin. Here are some easy home staging ideas and tips to help.

Add Curb Appeal – The first part of your home all buyers see is the front. Enhancing curb appeal by washing (power washing and painting, perhaps) the front porch, grooming the lawn, and adding flowers and plants can make a huge difference and immediately grab buyer’s attention. You have only one chance to make a first impression, you know.

Clean, Clean, Clean – You want everything to look clean when buyers tour your home. People will look everywhere so make sure you wash windows, clean floors, dust all surfaces, vacuum carpets, and even clean the baseboards! Pay special attention to bathrooms, making sure every nook and cranny is clean. Ensure the home smells clean too.

Remove Personal Items – When buyers visit a home, they want to imagine their own things in the home. They don’t want to see your personal items. Box up and store things like photos, awards and collections so the buyer can imagine themselves in your home.

Make Repairs – If there are minor repairs that can be done, this is one of the best home staging ideas to use. Potential buyers don’t want to see a house full of projects to take care of when they move in.

Fix any broken fixtures, repair squeaky doors and take care of the obvious things, including replacing burned out bulbs.

Repaint – One of the simplest and cheapest home staging ideas is to repaint. Just a new coat of paint can quickly make living spaces look bright and clean.

Make Sure There is Plenty of Light – Whether you open up the blinds or add some new light fixtures, you want to make absolutely sure there is plenty of light. This makes the home look warmer and opens up the space as well.

Taking the time to learn a few home staging fundamentals is well worth your time and effort. Armed with these helpful home staging ideas, you can make your home look warm and inviting to buyers, increase the sale price and lessen the time your home spends on the market. For a little more in-depth look into staging, click on the links below.






For even more detailed advice on home staging you can do yourself, please visit Top 10 Home Staging Tips! Here you’ll find free expert advice from Sveta Melckuk and her team, a professional home staging company in Montreal, Canada.

Finally, walk through your home as you stage it, trying to see it as a potential buyer would. Be critical and change those things that might pose a negative in the mind of the buyer. You’ll be that person when you look for your new home!

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