How do a Home Health Aide deal with their clients Kids and Family Members?

Im am 19 and i am a home health aide and i have problems with my clients Kids and Family they always get smart and make it like i dont do anything when i do i try my best to do my job but they make i very hard and when i defend myself they call my boss what should i do.

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im a home health aide too and here's what you do u call your “boss” b4 they call and tell them that u saw a family member smoking crack in the kitchen and u feel uncomfortable or whatever juicy story u can come up with .

yes it may not be true but when dealing with the family u gotta get them b4 they get you.

call the office b4 they do if u feel they're trying to set u up that way when they do call it'll just look like they're doing a tit for tat and it'll be your word against thier.

u must be new to homecare, but honey let me tell u cause i do it all the time, you gotta call your office and make the family look bad.

basically what im saying is make your accusations b4 they make thiers. keyword is BEFORE.

your coordinater is much likely to belive you .

and when u do dont mention anything about what the family say ur not doing. mention some unrelated like family members doing drugs in the house shooting up herion or you witnessed child abuse. then when they call up ur boss saying you didnt clean or whatever it will come across as they're just saying that cause you reported them doing drugs or whatever in the house……. you get me? also a lot of these families tend to think your thier to be thier maid . i tell the families when i walk in the door that im not thier to service them and that i only get paid for that one person whose name is on the sheet not the whole family so im not here to wash the family's dirty dishes and clean the house.

if your patient/client lives with family you are only responsible for tidying up the patient's IMEDIATE AREA like the bedroom. not the living room or anything else the family is responsible for that.

but some families will try to get over and will sometimes say things like “the aide that was here before did it” and then thats when you say “well that was her,im not the other aide, you have some that feel like going the extra mile however im not obligated to do so”

and that is where it should end.

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