How Do Wood Jointers Work

JET JJ-6CSDX & JJ-6HHDX 6” Jointers . The JET JJ-6CSDX (#708457DXK) & JJ-6HHDX (#708466DXK) material removal and a silky-smooth surface on the wood. Both versions come with the all steel base cabinet can work more efficiently and longer.

Wood Working Tools _ Date_____ WOOD WORKING TOOLS Take a moment to think about today's safety topic. Do you use any wood working tools at work? Do you have wood Hammers, hand saws, air nailers, crosscut saws, ripsaws, planers, sanders, band saws, jointers, circular and radial saws, etc

Last Rev: 7/19/2013 Guild of Oregon Woodworkers Jointer Safety Rules Jointers are used to make one edge or face of a board straight. They have high speed rotating knives that

SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTERS 1. control of the work at all times. 8. DO NOT back the workpiece towards the infeed table. 9. adjust depth of cut to 1/16’’ or less to avoid wood tearing. UNPACKING THE MACHINE 1. Cafefully unpack the machine. 2.

Wood Technology (Penn State University) Surface planers and Jointers: Use a set of knives set in a cutter head. They operate on a #80 grit abrasive will work, but has a tendency to break down and clog a lot faster. Once this

Waste material from wood, to prepare a straight and flat surface and one edge straight and at § Do not attempt to plane material that is too short. § Use a push stick or push block on smaller work pieces. § Do not reach over or move your hands over the cutting blades for any reason whilst

Joiner’s Mallet WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL is an oily wood and sometimes doesn’t bond well with yellow glue or hide glue. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, use epoxy to prevent any possibility of delamination due to oil (above) work from the high points to the low. 18 SHOP PROJECTS

The two machines form the gateway to serious wood-working, They also allow you to work with rough lumber, which is much less expensive than S2S (sur-faced two sides) or S4S stock. Add a bandsaw or tablesaw, and Jointers and planers are great at doing the jobs they were

A panel glueup or flatten a work-piece for planing. THE TOOL. It’s always seemed to jointers would see a lot less use. But a crown on one learning to do two things at once; applying downward force in the

Do not hold the work by hand or against your body. • Keep guards in place and working properly. Jointers/planers are used to resurface wood and like materials to provide a straight, smooth surface. Power Tool Institute | Phone:

* Jointers/planers leave ripples in the wood surface that can be removed with a hand plane, wood surfaces. Most machines do not do this well, and Diamond may be used, but is not good for finish work as it leaves scratches that must then be removed with fine

THE DUST GENERATEDby certain woods and wood products can be injurious to Use wood dust collection systems whenever possible. ADDITIONAL SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTERS FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY. 1. WARNING: Do In order to do accurate work, the knives

ADDITIONAL SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTERS If the wood to be jointed is dished or warpsd,take light cuts until the surface is tlat. Avoid forcing lower the forward end ot the work onto the rear table. Do this very carefully,

ULTIMATE SERIES JOINTERS MODELS G9953/G9953ZX/G9953ZXF/G4815 INSTRUCTION MANUAL. WARNING Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grind- how often you do this type of work. To reduce your exposure to these chemicals: work in a well ventilated area, and work with approved safety equipment

• Always use a licensed electrician for any installation or electrical repair work. • Do not wear loose clothing, • Wood dust is a health hazard, SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTERS 1.

Wood work pieces to be cut on jointers should be at least 12 inches long, three inches wide and three inches thick. The depth of the cut should not be greater than 1/8 of an inch. wood work piece, the work piece kicked back,

Wood Technology (Penn State University) Surface planers and Jointers: Use a set of knives set in a cutter head. They operate on a #80 grit abrasive will work, but has a tendency to break down and clog a lot faster. Once this

The fences on some of the new jointers Jointer Pal will work without a fence, but it is much easier to use the fence as a jig indexing guide when knife changing or shift-ing. Finding Top Dead Center 1. Locate the high point of the cutterhead rotation by placing a straightedge (wood or metal

Sequence of the work. Wood crafters must have knowledge of and skill in using a wide range of woodworking like those described above. They must be able to do precise, intricate work with power shakers, mortises, tenoners, jointers, routers, lathes, and various other woodworking tools

JOINTERS POST THESE SAFETY RULES FOR REFERENCE. Failure to follow these rules may result in serious injury. 1. DO NOT OPERATE THIS MACHINE until it is completely assembled and installed according to the the table of all objects (tools, scraps of wood, etc.).

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