How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

My boyfriend and his brother are remodeling his brothers kitchen. They have everything there that they need already and it just needs to be installed. He's been over there all day everyday for the past week installing cabinets and he's trying to tell me that they still aren't finished with it. He also tried telling me that it took them all night (about 7 hours) to install the microwave over the oven. I watch the shows on TLC and HGTV, but that's about as much as I know about remodeling. Does it really take this long to do all of that or is he lying to me trying to make me feel sorry for him for working so hard all day and night?

I have kitchen remodels take 3 weeks and some that took 3 months (like my own) and I even had one that took 1/2 a year. A lot depends on, what needs to be done and who is doing it. I've designed kitchens where the client wants to do just the demolition and tradespeople come in to do the rest. And, I've had remodels where I only did the design and the homeowners do everything. In my experience, the latter take the longest of all. Most of the time homeowner's get in a little over their head and take longer to do just about everything than the tradesmen do.

Bless his heart, but my own hubby has found sometimes a simple appliance installation requires much more time and effort than he originally thought. (like our convection oven wouldn't fit in the hole in the cabinet, so that had to be reconfigured before he could install it). Sometimes, the electrical needs to be changed, ductwork isn't located in the right place for the new appliance, origianl plumbing in older houses wasn't designed to accomodate disposals and dishwashers…The problems one encounters can be countless and overwhelming. On TV, you don't have the project shown to you in “real” time, you don't generally see the problems and there are always experts behind the scenes as consultants to move the project along.

Be kind, be sympathetic and most of all be patient.

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