A. If a home outlet has 220volts ac, how much current present on it?

a. 1 amp

b. 5 amps

c. 10 amps

d. or how much is it exactly?

B. In the absence of a multi-tester, how can i know if my home outlet with 220vac contains how many current?

C. If for example, a home outlet with 220vac contains 10amps:

a. if i plug a 220 to 110 stepdown transformer to that outlet, does it mean that the transformer output current will be 20amps? or 183amps for a 220 to 12vac stepdown transformer?

Thanks!!! Thanks!!! Thanks in advance!!!!

A. No current flows unless a load is present, that is, until you've plugged an appliance into that outlet and turned it on.

B. Again, there must be a load for current to flow. If you do have a load and know the resistance of the load then the current = V/R = 220V/R. Inductive devices such as motors of course have both resistance and reactance so current will be a different matter from a purely resistive load.

C. For a transformer: power input = power output. Thus 220 x 10A = 110V x 20A.

I think you may asking the rated ampacity of the outlet which is a different matter.

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